Sales by Item

Retrieve, filter, sort, save, and print sales for items over a given period.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

To view your sales by item, follow the steps below.

1 From your BackOffice, Click Analytics. Then choose Sales by Variable.


2 Under the dropdown, select Item.


3 Click the Date icon, select a date range, then Retrieve.


Reading the Report

Bar Charts

The bar charts display your top 10 items sold and the top 10 in total sales amount.
*Other is a combination of all items outside of your top 10 items.

Table View

The Table View provides more detailed information about your items sold. Sort by clicking any column header.


Quantity Sold

Total number of the item that was sold.

Sales Total

Total sales amount before discounts, returns, gratuity, and tax.

Quantity Returned

Total number of the item that was returned.

Returns Total

Total amount refunded before tax, gratuity and discounts.


Cost of all sold items minus the cost of the returned items.


Discounts on all sold items minus discounts on returns.


Percentage of revenue left after accounting for cost and discounts.

Net Sales

Sales Total, minus Returns Total, and minus Discounts.

Click on an item row to see details on the modifiers or variants used in sales/returns of the item. View examples of each below.

Example of an item with modifiers:


Example of an item with variants:



Filter sales to view data on specific items.

1 Click Filter.


2 Enter an item name or select some from the list.


Saving & Printing

Print, save, and send your Sales by Department and Item reports.

1 Click Print.


2 Select File from your Browser’s menu and choose Print.


3 Click Save to save a PDF version of the report. Or, click Change… to select a printer and click Print.