ShopKeep Payments Statement Analysis

ShopKeep Payments sends a detailed monthly statement that outlines your credit card processing activity for the previous month. Use this statement to estimate your all-in rate, view sale and refund totals, and more.

Table of Contents

Calculate the All-In Rate

Accounts set up through ShopKeep use interchange-plus pricing which is different than a flat rate. The all-in rate provides an estimate of the average fee charged per transaction during that month.

With interchange-plus pricing, exact monthly rates fluctuate based on volume and the types of credit cards used.

  1. Locate ‘Amounts Submitted’ and ‘Fees Charged’ on the first statement page.

    Third Party Transactions and Chargebacks/Adjustments are typically $0. Contact ShopKeep Payments for more information if either one has a balance.

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  2. Divide ‘Fees Charged’ by ‘Amounts Submitted’.

    In this case, that is: 1,308.16 ÷ 49,855.14 = 0.02624

  3. Multiply the result of step 2 by 100.

    0.02624 × 100 = 2.624%

  4. The resulting number is the all-in rate.

    This means each transaction was charged, on average, 2.624%.

Key Processing Terms

ShopKeep Payments includes definitions of important processing concepts on page 2 of every statement. Study these terms to better understand the totals that follow.

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Card Type & Batch Summaries

Page three breaks down the Amounts Submitted figure from the first page. Analyze revenue by the types of credit cards used by customers or by daily submitted batch totals.

Summary by Card Type

This section shows the number of sales/refunds, total sale/refund dollar amounts, and the net amount submitted. See how much came in from MasterCard, American Express, Visa, etc.

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Amounts Funded by Batch

For a glimpse at daily totals, look no further than the Amounts Funded by Batch section. Each batch appears next to the date it was closed with its total submitted amount (sales minus refunds).

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A batch contains all transactions processed that day. A batch is not submitted if the business does not make any sales or refunds.

Fees & Interchange Charges

The last few pages of the statement spell out in detail the overall fees charged.

Fees Charged

Visit this section for a complete itemized list of the month’s fees.

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Interchange Charges

ShopKeep Payments accounts set up through ShopKeep use interchange-plus pricing. This section lays out the sales totals and interchange fees for each type of card.

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Year to Date Gross Sales

Check out a snapshot of the year’s gross sales at the bottom of the final statement page.

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