Taxable Vs Non-Taxable Sales

In your inventory you have items that are taxed and certain items that are not taxed. To see the totals of each taxable sales and non-taxable sales use the information below.

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Calculate Taxable and Non-Taxable Sales

To calculate taxable vs non taxable sales use your Analytics Dashboard for the date or date range in question to get your figures.

You will need the Net Sales line and the Sales Tax line from the Analytics Dashboard.


1 Take the tax (on Analytics Dashboard) and divide by your tax rate.

This number is your taxable sales.

2 Subtract your net sales (analytics dashboard) by your taxable sales (step 1).

This number is your non-taxable sales.

Calculation Example

Taxable Sales = tax line from analytics dashboard / sales tax rate

Non-Taxable Sales = Net sales – Taxable Sales


Here, our sales tax amount is $230.13, our sales tax rate is 0.07 and our net sales are $6429.26

$230.13 ÷ 0.07 = $3287.57 — Total Taxable Sales

$6429.26 – $3287.57 = $3141.69 — Total Non-Taxable Sales

Taxable Sales Calculator

Click the button below to download the Taxable / Non-Taxable Calculator.

Taxable / Non Taxable Calculator

The calculator can be opened and used in any spreadsheet software.