Updated Reporting 2016

From late August to early September 2016, all ShopKeep merchants will be upgraded to our new, more powerful reporting platform.

When you log into BackOffice after your account has been upgraded, you will see changes to several key reports. There will be descriptions of the updates, but we’ve also put together the list below to help you become familiar with the changes.

Updated Reports

  1. Analytics Dashboard

    This is your go-to report for an overview of your business activity. We’ve consolidated the metrics here to eliminate redundancy and improve visibility of your most important numbers. We’ve added the ability to compare performance over periods of time. Need to know how your sales are tracking this month versus last? Now you can see. We’ve also made this report easier to read and use across all devices.

  2. Transactions Table

    The Transactions Table displays sales data at its most basic level, allowing you to track down individual sales or apply filters to study a specific set. This update adds three new transaction filters that enable you to refine your analyses by customer, tender, and register. We’ve also upgraded the date picker so you can search unlimited date ranges and grab your store’s entire transaction history at once.

  3. Sales by Item, Sales by Department, & Sales by Discount

    These new reports display item- and department-level sales information and details about specific discounts used. This gives you a more nuanced look at your performance. We’ve brought these reports together in a single location, called “Sales Reports”, so you can easily toggle between them.

  4. Export Center

    The new Export Center manages all of your exports in a single place. You can see the status of each export you’ve requested and re-download any one created within the past 7 days.