Adding Items

Items are what you sell in-store and are added in the BackOffice before appearing on the iPad register. If you have a large inventory (50+ items), see our guide for Bulk Import.

Check out our video for Adding Items:

Add New Items

Creating a product not only lets you set some basics like price and quantity available, but opens up tracking data like who sold it, who bought it, and how much you’re making on it.


1 Click Items to expand the sidebar.

2 Choose Items List for an overview of your inventory.

3 Click Add Item to create a new item.

4 Enter new stock item information.


Name | The item name customers and cashiers will see on receipts.

Department | General grouping for organization.

Category | Specific subgroup within a department.
Department & Category are used in Kitchen Printer setup!

SKU | Auto-generated barcode used in ShopKeep Label Printing.

Priced | How the register rings up the item price.
In BackOffice – Pre-determined price set in BackOffice when creating the item.
In Store – Set by the cashier at time of sale.
Unit Price – A fixed price for each unit (oz, lb, etc) sold.

Taxable | If the item has ANY tax added on to it.

Tax | OPTIONAL item-specific tax, this overrides your general rate.

UPC | 8, 12, or 13 digit barcodes for use with a scanner.

Track Inventory | How the system tracks the item.
True – Monitored by the system for things like cost and quantity sold.
False – No cost or quantity tracked, but still available in reports.

Quantity | How many of the item are available; you CAN sell into negatives.

Liability | If the liability item sold is profit or something pending redemption, such as a gift card.

5 When you’re done, click Save to visit Additional Details.


Supplier | Who, if anybody, regularly supplies the product.

Reorder Trigger | Low-quantity limit that, when reached, prompts a reorder report.

Recommended Order | How much you consider “fully stocked” in your reorder report.
Supplier, Order Trigger, and Recommended Order are all used for your Reorder Report.

Cost | When Tracked, this is how much the item costs you to sell.

Register Status | Active items appear for sale on the register, Inactive items don’t.

Discountable | Can this item have a discount (with approval) applied to it?

Ticket Printer | Set a specific kitchen printer for this item.

6 When you’re all set, click Ok to finish.

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