Introduction to the iPad

The iPad Register is what cashiers interact with most. Learn what you need to know, like where the Home button is or how to update the iPad’s software.

Check out our best practices guide to learn which iPad models are compatible with ShopKeep.

Table of Contents


iPad Basics

From the iPad hardware to settings and apps, continue through the sections below to learn all the basics.

iPad Hardware

Get to know the ports, plugs, and buttons on your iPad.

Home Button
Home button on the iPad

The only button on the face of the iPad. This physical button takes you to the main iPad screen with all your icons.

Volume Controls
ipad button volume shopkeep pos

You’ll find volume up/down buttons on the side near the camera. Some iPad models also have a switch that mutes the device or locks the orientation of its screen.

Lightning Connector
ipad port lightning

Apple’s standard port for mobile devices since 2012. The lightning connector appears on iPad minis and iPads from the 4th generation on.

30-pin Connector
Shopkeep ipad port 30pin

This wide, flat connector is standard on Apple mobile devices from 2003 to 2012.

Audio Port
ShopKeep iPad port audio

Located on the side (near the camera) is a standard 3.5mm jack that works with everything from headphones to speakers.

Sleep / Wake (Power) Button
Shopkeep ipad button power

Flat button on the frame of the iPad. Tap this to turn the screen off/on or hold it to power down the iPad.

Having trouble with the physical iPad? Check out our iPad Troubleshooting guide.

iPad Settings

The built-in Settings app is the hub for controlling how the iPad works.


Control the features and functions of your iPad in Settings.  It is also where you can connect to a Wi-Fi network with Internet access.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Connect to a Wi-Fi network with internet access to download the ShopKeep app.

1 Tap Wi-Fi to see your nearby networks.

2 Select your network and enter the password to connect.


For help with issues related to iPad settings, visit our iPad Settings Troubleshooting guide.

iPad Apps

Apps are programs that run on your iPad and allow it to perform various functions.

Apple’s App Store


The App Store is where you can find, download, and update apps.

ShopKeep Register App


The ShopKeep app is your register. Ring up customers, issue refunds, clock in and out, and lots more.

ShopKeep Pocket App


Use ShopKeep Pocket to check up on how your store is doing in real-time from your iPhone. See your sales totals, transaction count, and more! Check out our ShopKeep Pocket support article for more info.

Download ShopKeep

Browse the App Store to download apps, like ShopKeep, to your iPad.

View our Download & Activate video below:

1 Tap to open the App Store.

iPad iOS7 App Store

2 Tap the search box and type “ShopKeep”.

Search for ShopKeep in the Apple App Store

3 Select “ShopKeep” to visit the download page.

4 Tap GET, then INSTALL to begin downloading.


Depending on your internet speed, the register app downloads in a few moments.

Once it’s done, just tap to open then activate your register.

Update the ShopKeep App

Before updating your app …

1. Do not delete the app
2. Make sure auto-updates are turned off on your iPad
3. Close any open shift
4. Perform updates during non-business hours

View our Update the ShopKeep App video below:

1 Tap to open the App Store on the iPad.

iPad iOS7 App Store

2 Choose Updates in the bottom right corner.

3 Press Update next to the ShopKeep app.


Update times will vary depending on:

  • Your internet speed
  • The number of inventory items you have
  • The number of customers you have

The larger your database, the longer updates will take. In some cases, updates can take 10 minutes or more to finish.

Remember to update after the shift is closed and during non-business hours.

4 Open the app when the download completes.


5 The register will begin upgrading its database.


6 The sign in screen will display when the update is complete.