Inventory Layout

While you can search and scan items to ring them up, your iPad Button Layout (or Menu) is what cashiers use to ring up items.

See our iPad Button Layout video here:

iPad Button Layout

In your BackOffice, manage your button layout – the arrangement of items available for sale on the register.


1 Click Items to expand the sidebar.

2 Choose iPad Button Layout to begin.

Toggle the tabs below to learn how to place your items and customize buttons and layout for a unique look.

Place Items

The drag and drop interface makes arranging the button layout quick and simple.

1a Search for an item by typing its name in the box.

1b or Scroll through the list for your item.

2 Click the item and drag it down into the placement field.

No save or confirmation necessary, just Get Updates on the iPad register.


Naming and Adding Pages

Add pages, button colors and labels, to beautify your register and simplify lookup.

1 In the top right text field, enter the name of the button page.

The name will save automatically once you navigate away from the text field.

2 The name will save automatically once you navigate away from the text field.


Button Customization

1 Click the gear in the corner of a placed button.

2 Click to choose a button color.

3 Replace button text to rename the item at the register (optional).


Button Text ONLY appears on the register, NOT BackOffice or receipts.

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