Paper Receipts

Paper receipt settings include not only general business information, but controls for tips and deliveries.

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Receipt Settings

Table of Contents

Customize Your Receipt

From BackOffice, customize your paper receipt with business location and contact information.

  1. Click 'Settings' and select 'Receipts'.
  2. Click the 'Paper Receipt' tab.
  3. Fill in as much business info as you want on your receipts.
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    Store Name | Your business name, as you want it to appear on receipts.
    Address / City / State / Zip / Country | Where your business is located.
    Phone | The best number for customers to reach you.
    Email | Contact by email? Put it here.
    Website | Your business’ place in cyberspace.

  4. Follow the steps below to configure your printer settings.

Printer Settings

Set whether to accept tips, how customers sign for credit sales, where delivery info prints, and enter some extra info for the bottom of the receipt.

  1. Set your 'Tips and Signature' preference.
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    Tips and Signature | Enable/disable tipping and set how customers sign for credit card sales: on the iPad’s screen or on a paper receipt.
    Combine tip options and signature on the same screen | For Tip and signature on screen, this controls whether customers sign and tip on the same screen.
    Suggested Tips | For Tip and signature on screen, enter three amount/percentage suggestions for the customer to see on the tip screen.

  2. (optional) Enter some 'Extra Text' and set 'Customer Delivery' options.
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    Extra Text | Additional information that prints at the bottom of receipts.
    Customer Delivery | Where to print customer name and address info to help with deliveries.
    Show “Powered by ShopKeep” | Adds “Powered by ShopKeep” to the bottom of receipts.

  3. Click 'Save'.

    When finished, remember to get updates or open a shift on the register!