Points of Contact

Know exactly who to get in touch with to help you purchase and setup ShopKeep hardware and learn how to use BackOffice and the iPad register.

Table of Contents

Point of Sale Specialist

A Point of Sale Specialist or POSS, provides a personalized introduction to ShopKeep and helps you with everything you need to get started with the system. That includes a demo of the software, assistance with signup, information about credit card processing, and recommendations about what hardware will work best for your business.

Contact for assistance with:

  • Signing up for ShopKeep
  • Hardware Recommendations / Purchases
  • Credit / Gift Card Processing Sign Up
  • ShopKeep Expert

    Once you are a ShopKeep customer, you should contact a ShopKeep Expert for scheduled training sessions to learn the ins and outs of ShopKeep. They are here to help with more comprehensive, specialized ShopKeep training, including how to use BackOffice and the iPad register, and hardware setup. The first two hours of training time ($198 value) are included with the ShopKeep subscription.

    Before the appointment, be sure to sign into your ShopKeep BackOffice, as well as check out our startup guides and ShopKeep Support articles on the topic. This allows you to jump right into the important areas and get the most value out of your time.

    Contact for assistance with:

  • BackOffice and iPad Register training
  • Hardware Setup
  • Help using add-ons, such as QuickBooks
  • Schedule a Session

    Training is available Monday – Friday, and can be scheduled up to two weeks ahead of time. To learn how to schedule a 30 minute training session, follow the steps below.

    1. Click the link found in your email.
    2. Select Back End or Front End training.
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    3. Select a time when you're available, then click 'Continue'.
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    4. Enter your contact information, then click 'Submit' to confirm the appointment.
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    Customer Care

    Contact a Customer Care Advisor to assist with troubleshooting steps to help resolve problems. Email or call Customer Care 24/7 for urgent hardware and/or software issues affecting your ability to run your business.

    Contact for assistance with:

  • Urgent hardware/software issues
  • Troubleshooting