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After you’ve set up your BackOffice, check out part 2: iPad for Quick-Service Restaurants!

The BackOffice is your first step in running a smarter business with ShopKeep. Set up your menu, assign register access to employees, and design your receipts all from one central hub.

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Build Your Menu

Before you can sell your world famous coffee at the register, you need to create your menu in BackOffice. Check out the steps below to add a menu item, tweak its options, and put it on the register layout.

Or, check out our Building Your Menu video:

Build Your Menu (Training Guide)

Items List

  1. Click 'Items'.
  2. Choose 'Items List'.

Add Items

In the general tab, add the basic details of a menu item.

  1. Click 'Add Item'.
  2. Enter information to customize your item:
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    Name | The name on the register and receipts.
    Department | General grouping for organization.
    Category | Specific subgroup within a department.
    SKU | Pre-generated barcode for Label Printing.
    Priced | How the register rings up the item price.

    In BackOffice – Predetermined price set Price set in BackOffice will appear at the register.

    In Store – Set by the cashier at time of sale.

    Unit Price – A fixed price for each unit (oz, lb, etc.) sold.

    Sales Price | Price you sell this for (not including modifiers).
    Taxable | If the item has ANY tax added on to it.
    Tax Rate | OPTIONAL tax rate specific to this item only.
    UPC | Digits to make barcodes for a scanner.
    Track Inventory | Tracking for quantity and cost.

    True – For items being sold

    False – Used for services that are performed as you go, such as a custom order

    Quantityy | Total amount in stock.
    Liability? | Liabilities are designated for items such as Gift Cards or Gift Certificates. These are items to be redeemed at a later time.

  3. Click 'Save'.

For more on adding items, like how to track cost, visit our Adding Items article.

Set Up Modifiers

Modifiers let cashiers modify the menu item being sold. Examples include size (small, medium, large) and add-ons like an extra shot of espresso.

  1. Click the Modifiers tab.
  2. Add some Single and/or Multiple Choice Modifiers.

Groups – Single Choice

These are for either/or choices you give the customer. For example, a cup of coffee can be small or medium, but not both at the same time.

  1. Press 'Add a Group'. Then, choose a Group name.
  2. Enter the group’s base selection.
  3. Add another option and fill out more choices.
  4. Press 'OK' or 'Update' to save changes.

    Add to price | Amount to add to the sales price if selected.
    Green Check | The base or default choice the item starts with.
    Trash Can | Deletes the group / option.

Options – Multiple Choice

These are for extras and add-ons. Select as many as a customer wants.

  1. Click 'Add an option'.
  2. Enter a name and optional 'Add to price'.
  3. Press 'Add another option' to add more.
  4. Click 'OK' or 'Update' to save changes.

“NO” Options

Set up “NO” options so customers can exclude ingredients that normally come standard with an item.

  1. Click 'Add an option'.
  2. Enter a name and optional 'Discount when OFF' price.

    Discount when OFF | Amount to subtract from the base price if the customer doesn’t want the ingredient.

  3. Click 'Add another option' to set up more.
  4. Press 'OK' or 'Update' to save changes.

For more on modifiers, including how to copy them from one item to another, head over to our Modifiers article.

Register Button Layout

Your button layout is a quick way to organize your menu on the register, making it easier for you to ring in orders. Set up your button layout in BackOffice first, then hit ‘Get Updates’ on the register to view the functional layout on the register.

  1. Click 'Items'.
  2. Select 'iPad Button Layout'.

Create a New Page

Organize your layout with different named pages for the smoothest possible experience at the register.

  1. Click the + to make a new page.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Click and drag the page to reorganize the order.

Add Buttons

  1. Type the name of the item to find it on the list.
  2. Click and drag it onto a position in the layout.

For more help with your register layout, including how to change the color of buttons, see our Inventory Layout support article.

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Manage Staff & Privileges

With a register code, managers can open and close the shift, cashiers can ring sales, and prep staff can clock in and out.

Click below to view our Manage Staff & Privileges video:

Manage Staff & Privileges

Staff List

  1. Sign in as account owner.
  2. Choose 'Staff'.
  3. Select 'Staff List'.

Add an Employee

  1. Click 'Add Staff'.
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  2. Fill in the required information.

    Register Code | For clocking in / out, ringing sales, and cashier functions.
    Register Manager | Check this box to give access to manager controls.
    BackOffice Manager | Check this box to assign the employee their own BackOffice login.

  3. Hit 'Save' to finish up.

To learn more about adding employees in BackOffice, visit our Manage Staff article.

Set Manager Privileges

Discount Approval

Set privileges on a per-discount basis, so some discounts can go ahead but others require manager approval first.

  1. Click 'Settings'.
  2. Pick 'Discounts'.
  3. Choose any discount or 'Add Discount' to create a new named discount.
    Click to Enlarge
  4. Check 'Requires Manager' to enable permissions.
  5. Click 'OK' to confirm.

Check out our full Manage Staff support article for more information.

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Receipt & Gratuity Settings

Create print/email receipts and configure your gratuity settings in Receipt Settings. Click through the tabs below to get started.

Or, check out our Receipt and Gratuity Settings video:

Receipt and Gratuity Settings (Training Guide)

Receipt Settings

  1. Sign in as account owner.
  2. Choose 'Settings'.
  3. Select 'Receipts'.

Set Up Your Receipt

Business Info

Print a customer’s receipt at the end of a transaction as an invitation to return. Give them a record of the delicious pastry they just ate and where to return for another.

  1. Click the Paper Receipt tab.
  2. Fill in as much Business Info as you’d like.

    Many quick-serve businesses prefer to print receipts since it’s quicker than emailing them. If you’d like to set up email receipts, see our Email Receipts support article.

Gratuity Settings and More

Finish your receipt setup by configuring the Tip and Signature setting for credit transactions and add additional info to the bottom of your receipt.

  1. Click the drop down for Tips and Signature and select your preference.

    Many quick-serve eateries prefer ‘Tip and signature on screen’. It’s faster and helps to save paper.

  2. For Tip and signature on screen, set the suggested tips that show on the register screen:

    Choose amount or percentage and specify how much for each.

  3. Enter any additional info you’d like to include in the Extra Text field.
  4. Click 'Save' to finish up.

For more on gratuity, check out our Tips and Gratuity article.

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Tax Settings

Maybe everything you offer is taxed at the same percentage or perhaps you sell other goods that are taxed at a different rate. Click through the tabs below to learn how to manage your tax settings.

Or, check out our Manage Tax Settings video:

Manage Tax Settings

Tax Settings

  1. Choose 'Settings', then select 'Taxes'.

Set the Default Rate

The default tax rate is the percentage that is applied to your taxable stock items.

  1. Click the default tax group.

    In this case, Sales Tax is selected as the default.

  2. Enter your rate and press 'Update'.

    (optional) You can also give it a new name.

Additional Tax Groups

Create additional tax groups for items that are taxed at a rate different from your default (e.g. menu items vs. retail goods like mugs).

  1. Click 'Add Tax'.
  2. Enter a name and rate. Then, hit 'Save'.
  3. Choose 'Items', then 'Items List' and select an item.
  4. Use the Tax dropdown to select a tax group.
  5. Click 'OK' to save.

For more on Tax Settings, including how to assign items to tax groups in bulk, see our Managing Tax Settings support article.

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Additional Features

Want to make it easier for cashiers to apply commonly used discounts, print order tickets to a prep station, or sell gift cards? Here are a few more features that’ll make running your business even easier.

Named Discounts

Discount Settings

Do you send out coupons or run other types of promotions? Add your own preset discounts to speed up transactions where a discount is needed.

  1. Click 'Settings'.
  2. Select 'Discounts'.

New Discount

The example below shows an employee lunch discount of 75% that needs manager approval before it can be applied to the sale.

  1. Click 'Add Discount'.
  2. Fill in the details.
  3. Click 'Save'.

Name | What the discount is called on the register.
Receipt Description | How the discount appears on the receipt.
Type | Discount by a dollar amount or a percentage.
Open | Cashier inputs discount amount or percent at the register.
Applies to | Allow it to be applied to items only, overall sale, or both.
Requires manager | A manager will need to authorize the discount.

For more information, including how to use named discounts at the register, see our Named Discounts support article.

Ticket Printing

Tickets print when a sale is tendered and contain all details of the order so your kitchen staff or baristas know what to make.

Before completing the BackOffice steps below, set up your printer and connect it to ShopKeep.

  1. Click 'Settings', then choose 'Hardware'.
  2. Click 'Edit'.
  3. Click below 'Assigned To' and select Departments/Categories of items for ticket printing.
  4. Click 'Save' to confirm.

To learn more, including how to manage ticket printer assignments on the item-level, check out our Ticket Printing support article.

Gift Cards

Purchase a Gift Card Kit

Visit our store to browse different packages and place your order. Approve the proof before submitting the order online.

Enable Gift Card Tender

When you sell a gift card, a customer will come back to use it at some point. ShopKeep has Liabilities and Redemptions, a class of inventory that lets you track how much you make and how much you’re still on the hook for.

  1. Click 'Settings', then choose 'Tenders'.
  2. Under Redeemable, check the box for Gift Card.

    Changes save automatically.

Create a Gift Card Item

Next, let’s create the inventory item, just like you did with your menu, so you can sell your gift cards at the register. Make sure that you set the item as ‘Priced In Store’ so that you can add any amount to the gift card.

  1. Choose 'Items'. Then, 'Items List'.
  2. Click 'Add Item'.
  3. Enter a Name: "Gift Card"
  4. Change Taxable to no.
  5. Check the box next to Liability.
  6. From Tender, choose Gift Card.
  7. Hit 'Save' to finish up.

For more information on Gift Cards, including how to sell and redeem them at the register, check out our ShopKeep Gift Cards support article.

Now that you’ve set up your BackOffice, check out part 2: iPad for Quick-Service Restaurants!

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