iPad Register
for Quick-Service Restaurants

If you haven’t set up your BackOffice yet, visit part 1: BackOffice Setup!

With BackOffice set up, you’re almost ready to start serving customers. Now, let’s learn about the everyday register processes needed to efficiently run your business.

Before beginning, make sure you activate the register. See our Activate & Sign In support article to learn more.

Table of Contents

Ring Up an Order

Open the shift and open your doors. Follow along below to see how ordering works at the register.

Ring Up an Order

Start the Order

Learn more about ringing in an order by visiting our Using the Register article.

  1. Enter your 4-digit register code and tap 'Sign In'.
  2. Tap a menu item to add it to the sale.

    Swipe across the button layout or page names to switch to a different page.

  3. Make a mistake? Swipe right to left across an item and tap 'Delete'.

    Or, tap Discard at the top to clear the entire screen.

Items with Modifiers

Ringing Up Items with Modifiers

For items that have modifiers (i.e. our Caffé Americano), make extra selections on the screen to tailor it to the customer’s liking. Check out the full Modifiers article for more help.

  1. Select modifiers to customize the item.

    Single Choice Modifiers appear in named groups. The base option is chosen by default. Tap to select a different option.

    Multiple Choice Modifiers are housed in a single Options group. Tap to select or unselect as many as the customer wants.

  2. Click 'Done' to finish up.
  3. Make a mistake? Tap the line item to make changes.

Complete the Sale

Collect payment from your hungry customer to finish up.

  1. Choose a tender option.

    Let’s use Cash. Tap ‘More…’ to split between multiple tenders.

  2. Enter the amount handed to you by the customer. Then, tap 'Cash'.
  3. If necessary, give change. Print or email the receipt (optional) and 'Done'.

Visit our Using the Register support article for more info on running sales, like how to quickly adjust the quantity of an item on the order.

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Tips & Gratuity

Customers enjoy leaving tips on the iPad. Businesses like how simple it is to pay out gratuity to their staff. Visit our Tips & Gratuity article to learn more about how you can collect tips.

Check out our Tips & Gratuity at the Register video:

Tips & Gratuity at the Register

Leave a Tip

Customers can leave a tip when paying by credit card or Apple Pay. Make sure you’re set up for Tip & Signature on screen as previously recommended.

  1. Tap 'Credit'.
  2. Swipe the credit card through your reader or use Apple Pay.

    Trouble reading the card? Tap ‘Manual Card Entry’ to key in the details.

  3. The customer chooses a preset or custom tip amount. Then, they sign the screen with their fingertip.

    There’s also an option for No Tip.

  4. Tap 'Charge'.
  5. Select an option for receipt (optional) and tap 'Done'.

Pay Out Gratuity

Do a single payout for all gratuity to split amongst your staff or check the shift report to see how much each person accrued.

  1. Sign in as a manager.
  2. On the Control Panel, tap 'Pay In / Payout'.
  3. Choose 'Non-Cash Gratuity'.

    Total gratuity for this register’s shift is displayed. This is unaffected by payouts.

  4. Enter an amount to pay out and tap 'Continue'.
  5. Record a comment (optional) and tap 'Done'.
  6. Tap 'No Sale' to open the till and remove the cash.

To learn more about tipping, check out our full Tips and Gratuity support article.

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Discounts at the Register

You saw how to create custom discounts in our BackOffice guide. Now, learn how to apply a discount to an order at the register.

Or, check out our Discounts at the Register video:

Discounts at the Register (Training Guide)
  1. Tap the 'Discount' button on a line-item or the transaction subtotal.
  2. Choose a discount.

    For open discounts, enter the $ amount or % using the keypad.
    Then, tap ‘Done’.

    If required, enter a valid manager code.
    Then, tap ‘Verify’.

For more help with discounts, both at the register and in BackOffice, visit our Named Discounts support article.

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Additional Settings

Check out the information below for some extra information on iPad settings designed to make serving your customer just that much more efficient.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Swipe up to scroll on the left side. Tap 'ShopKeep'.

Card Signature Threshold

Set a signature threshold to speed up credit card transactions. Any sale under the amount you pick won’t require a customer’s signature.

  1. Tap 'Card signature threshold'.
  2. Choose any value between 0 and 25.

Always Print / Email Receipt

Want customer receipts to print or email by default? Switch on one of these options to shave a few seconds from the time it takes to complete the order.

Check out our Receipt Printer Setup article to learn how to set up the printer and our Customize Receipts article to learn more about different receipt options.

  1. Tap either switch to turn on.

Visit our iPad Settings for ShopKeep article to learn more.

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