iPad Register for Specialty Food Shops

If you haven’t set up your BackOffice yet, visit part 1: BackOffice Setup!

Learn about some of the everyday register processes and features used to run your business: ring up a sale, add customer, use discounts, and more.

You need to activate your register before you can use it. See our Activate & Sign In article for more info.

Table of Contents

Ring Up a Sale

Open a shift on your register and get ready to start ringing up customers. Running sales is easy just follow the steps and you’ll be making sales in no time!

Also, check out our Ringing Up a Sale with Unit Priced Items video:

Ringing Up a Sale with Unit Priced Items

Start the Sale

Sign into the register app to get started ringing customers up.

  1. Enter your 4 digit register code and tap 'Sign In'.
  2. Tap an item to add it to the transaction.

    Swipe across the button layout or page names to switch to a different page.

  3. Make a mistake? Swipe right to left across an item and tap 'Delete'.
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Unit Priced Items

Cheese, candy, and other specialty shops tend to sell some of their items in bulk by weight. Here we’ll show how to ring up one of these unit priced items.

  1. Add a unit priced item to the sale.
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  2. Use the keypad to enter its quantity. Press 'Done'.

    You can enter up to 4 decimal places.

  3. Need to change how much? Just tap the quantity and enter it again.
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For more on unit priced items, check out the full support article.

Complete the Sale

Collect payment from your customer to finish up the transaction.

  1. Choose the customer’s payment method.

    Use Cash / Credit to tender the sale. Tap ‘More…’ to show additional tenders.

  2. For Cash, enter how much the customer gives you. Then, tap 'Cash' again.
  3. Select an option for receipt and press 'Done'.

Visit our Running Sales at the Register article for more on sales.

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Adding Customers

Add customers to your Customer List so you can easily email receipts, send marketing emails, and track purchases. You can add or tag a customer to the sale at any point during the transaction, anywhere you see ‘Walk In’.

Check out our Managing Customers at the Register video:

Managing Customers at the Register (Training Guide)
  1. Tap 'Walk-in'.
  2. Tap the + button.
  3. Enter your customer’s info and press 'Done'.

    Include at least a first name, last name, or email address.

  4. When the customer comes back in the future, tap their name to tag them to the sale.

    You can search for them by first name, last name, email, or phone number.

    Customers you add at the register sync to BackOffice with an active internet connection.

For more on customers at the register and in BackOffcie, visit our Manage Customers support article.

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Discounts at the Register

Learn how to apply custom named discounts created in BackOffice at the register.

Check out our Discounts at the Register video:

Discounts at the Register (Training Guide)
  1. Tap the Discount button on a line-item or the transaction subtotal.
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  2. Choose a discount.

    If required, enter a valid manager code to authorize the discount.

    Then, tap ‘Verify’.

    For open discounts, enter the $ amount or % using the keypad.

    Then, tap ‘Done’.

Don’t forget to check out our full Named Discounts support article!

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Additional Features

Here are a few more features that may be useful for your business. Follow along below to check them out.

Always Print / Email Receipt

Want customer receipts to print or email by default? Switch on one of these options to save your cashiers a step at checkout.

  1. Open ShopKeep iPad Settings.
  2. Tap either switch to turn on.

Mask Customer Information

Enable the Mask Customer Name and Email setting to help protect your customer’s privacy.

  1. Open ShopKeep iPad Settings.
  2. Tap the switch to turn it on.

With this setting enabled, last names are hidden and email addresses are partially obscured on the register’s customer list.

Read through our full iPad Settings for ShopKeep article to become more familiar with iPad Settings for ShopKeep.

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