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This article covers the initial steps of signing up for an account and logging in to BackOffice. Try out everything ShopKeep has to offer and let us know where we can help!

View our BackOffice Login video below:

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Sign Up and Log In

Like the rest of ShopKeep, sign up is simple: enter a store name and contact info to begin. Log in to BackOffice with your store name, email, and password to complete the first setup steps.

Sign Up for ShopKeep

Get started at and follow the guide to create your account.

1 Click the play button to view a demo or Free Trial to sign up.


2 Enter your info and click Create my store.

Store Name must be one word, lowercase. The actual business name that prints on receipts is set later.


3 Select Start Setup to begin setting up and using ShopKeep.


Log In to BackOffice

Visit from any web browser to log in to BackOffice. You can bookmark this page so it is easier to find later.

1 Enter your BackOffice Login and Password.


2 Click Log in to enter BackOffice.

Cannot sign in to or access BackOffice? Visit our Login, Access, and Billing Troubleshooting guide for help.

BackOffice Overview

BackOffice is a one-stop website for store management. View reports, add inventory, and manage your account – anytime and anywhere.


Top Banner


Menu Button

Click to toggle the left side navigation menu from full to minimized views.

Store Name

The name of your ShopKeep store as seen on your customized receipts.


Click Support to go directly to the support site and view our help articles and videos.


Purchase supported hardware directly from our online store.

Refer & Earn

Get paid for referring friends to ShopKeep.


The user logged in during the current session. The Business Owner can click here to manage the subscription.

Side Navigation Bar


Menu Button

Toggle the left side navigation menu from full to minimized views.

Bird’s Eye View
This takes you back to the main page of BackOffice.

Reports and exports of transactions, sales, register activity, and inventory.

View your Items List and add/manage inventory.

Manage customers and see an overview of their engagement.

Add/edit employees, set up additional BackOffice users, and view the time clock.

Customize receipts, tax rates, and other aspects of your ShopKeep account.

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