Using the Register

The ShopKeep Register app is where you’ll run sales, place orders, open shifts, close shifts, and perform returns among other things. Let’s take a tour of the register and all that it has to offer.

Table of Contents

Transaction Screen Help

Here’s a quick guide to your register’s functions. It’s also available on the Control Panel by tapping ‘Help‘.

Running a Sale

Every sale is made up of a few things: the customer’s order, available inventory, and tender(s) the customer is paying with. After having a manager open the shift, follow the quick introduction below to run a sale. Click here to learn other ways of running a sale.

View our Running a Sale video:

Run a Sale & Return
  1. Tap a button, search by name, or scan an item to add to the sale.
  2. Choose a tender / payment option.

    To learn more sale options and how to modify sales, click here!

Issuing Gift Cards

Gift Cards are sold like any other item on your register. Setting open pricing from your BackOffice lets you choose the value when you sell it.

View our Gift Card video below.

ShopKeep Integrated Gift Cards
  1. Tap to add the Gift Card item to a sale.
  2. Use the keypad to enter an amount to load on the card. Press 'Done'.
  3. Choose a tender to process the sale as usual.
  4. Swipe the gift card to activate it.
  5. Finish the sale and print/email a receipt.

For more details about Gift Cards, visit ShopKeep Gift Cards.

Saving a Check

Save a sale with a name and/or time, then start a fresh check for the next customer. For more on managing checks, click here.

  1. Add items to the check as usual.
  2. Tap 'Save' to create a check for later.
  3. Leave as Walk-in with timestamp, or name it by typing a name or swiping their card.

    Tag a customer to the sale before saving to put their name on the check automatically.

  4. 'Save' the check and you’re ready to run a new sale. The check is saved under 'Checks' on the Control Panel.

    To learn more about Check Management, click here!

Performing a Return

Reverse transactions at your register by processing a return. Click here to learn all of the different ways!

  1. Tap History / Returns on the Control Panel.
  2. Choose a sale from the current shift and tap 'Begin Return'.
  3. Swipe left and tap 'Delete' to remove items NOT being returned.

    Items left on the screen will be returned to the merchant and refunded to the customer.

  4. Choose a tender to return to the customer.

    If you receive the ‘Already returned’ pop-up, the transaction was previously returned.

  5. Select Print or Email Receipt (optional) and tap 'Done'.

For more methods of making returns, click here!

Receipt Options

ShopKeep offers a few different ways to provide receipts for your customers. Have your customer select between email receipt, printed receipt, or a gift receipt.

Printing Receipts

At the end of each transaction, you’ll see print options to allow your customer to choose how they want to receive their receipt.

Email Receipt – A copy of the sales receipt is sent to an email address.

Print Receipt – A copy of the sales receipt prints out at your receipt printer.

Print Gift Receipt – Print a copy of the sales receipt without the price.

Reprinting Receipts

If your customer needs an extra copy of their receipt or you need an extra copy for your records, just visit the Control Panel to reprint a receipt.

  1. Tap 'History / Returns' on the Control Panel.
  2. Select a transaction from the current shift and tap 'Print Receipt'.
  3. Tap the arrow and press 'Print Gift Receipt' to print a receipt without prices.