Analytics Dashboard Issues

This section covers some common Analytics Dashboard issues.

My totals don’t match the Z Report or bank deposit.

Often, discrepancies occur when transactions stop syncing. This usually indicates a problem with the iPad’s internet connection.

1 On the iPad, go to the Diagnostics Overview on the Control Panel.

2 Note the number of items next to Request Queue. Tap Force Get Updates.


Click here if ShopKeep successfully syncs with BackOffice.

3 Wait 10 minutes and check the Request Queue again.

4 If the Request Queue has decreased, keep waiting until it reaches 0.

5 Check the Analytics Dashboard, it should be up to date.

Click here if ShopKeep CANNOT sync with BackOffice.

There is likely still an issue with the internet connection. After each bullet, return to step 2 and tap Force Get Updates.

  • Check that the iPad is connected to the right WiFi network. If it is not, reconnect the iPad to your network.
  • Try to load a website or perform another function that requires internet.
  • If loading a website fails, have someone familiar with your network setup try rebooting the modem / router.
  • Still unable to access the internet? Contact your internet service provider for help further assistance.

I tried to calculate tax on my own and it does not match ShopKeep.

Since tax is figured on a per-transaction basis and there is rounding involved, multiplying the tax rate by total net sales may not always equal the true tax amount. Also, remember that untaxed sales increase the net sales amount, but do not contribute to total tax collected.

My net cost of goods sold (COGS) looks wrong.

Net cost of goods sold is calculated based on the Cost or Assigned Cost entered for each item. If COGS looks inaccurate, one or more of your stock items probably have the wrong Cost assigned to them.

1 Run the Stock Items Export.

2 Open the export and look for items with no Cost or the wrong Cost.

3 Use Bulk Management to change Cost for these items.

Or, edit items individually from the Items List.

4 Get Updates on the iPad register.

Please note this does not fix existing reporting, but does ensure that future reporting is accurate.

Transactions Table Issues

This section covers issues related to the Transactions Table.

I am missing transactions.

Transactions stop posting to BackOffice if the iPad’s connection to the internet is interrupted. Data is stored in the iPad’s internal memory until the connection is restored and syncing can resume.

Follow these instructions for dealing with missing transactions.

Why do I have duplicate rows on my Transaction Tenders Export?

The Transaction Tenders export is designed to show how each transaction was paid for: cash, credit, etc. For Split Tender transactions, there are multiple payments on a single sale.

  • This example shows the first few fields of an export. One row appears to be a copy of the other, but each actually represents part of the same Split Tender transaction.
  • Here are the last few columns. Many fields are identical, but Amount Tendered, Change Returned, Tender Type, Card Type, and Last 4 Digits are each different. These correspond with the details of each tender on the sale.

The dates/times on my transactions are all wrong.

This can happen when an iPad register is set to the wrong date, time, and/or time zone. Check and fix these settings to ensure all future transactions have the correct information.

1 Open the Settings app on the iPad.

2 Tap General on the left and Date & Time on the right.

3 If connected to the internet, turn Set Automatically on.

If the iPad is not connected to the internet, manually adjust the date, time, and time zone.

4 Verify that the date, time, and time zone are all correct.

5 Run a transaction in ShopKeep and check that it appears on the Transaction Table with the correct date and time.

If the transaction posts with the wrong date/time, follow the instructions below.

The date, time, and time zone on my iPad are all correct, but transactions still have the wrong date/time.

Visit the iPad’s Date & Time settings and double-check that its date, time, and time zone are correct. If transactions continue to post with the wrong date/time, then the account’s time zone may be wrong. Contact ShopKeep Customer Care at 800.820.9814 or for further assistance.

Register Activity & Inventory Report Issues

Consult this section for help with reports contained within Register Activity and Inventory.

According to the Shifts Summary, my drawer is always over/short.

There are a few reasons why cash drawer variances might occur. For example:

  • Money was removed without performing a drop/payout.
  • Money was added without performing a pay in.
  • The shift was opened or closed for the wrong amount.
  • Incorrect change was given to a customer.

In trying to make sense of variances, remember that ShopKeep uses this formula to calculate the expected drawer total:

  • Opening amount + cash sales – cash returns – drops/payouts
  • The expected drawer is compared with the amount the shift was closed for to get the shortage/overage.

The opening and closing dates/times on the Shifts Summary are incorrect.

Chances are the iPad’s date, time, and/or time zone are set incorrectly. Fix these settings to ensure that future shifts are recorded properly.

1 In ShopKeep, close the shift.

2 Follow these instructions to check the iPad’s date & time.

3 Open a new shift.

The Inventory Value Report looks over/under the true value of my inventory.

Each item’s value is calculated by multiplying its Quantity on Hand by its Cost. If the total value of your stock items seems off, some of your items may have the wrong QoH and/or Cost.

1 Export stock items and review the Cost and QoH of items.

2 Use Bulk Management to modify items as necessary.

3 Get Updates on each iPad register.

Some items don’t show up on my Reorder Report.

An item only appears on the Reorder Report if it has an Order Trigger greater than 0 with a Quantity on Hand equal to or less than that Trigger.

1 Export stock items and check the QoH & Order Trigger values for items.

2 Use Bulk Management to modify items if needed.

Export & Chart Issues

This sections covers situations you might run into within the Exports section or when viewing the Sales by Item/Department Charts.

I tried to run an export, but it takes a really time and nothing happens.

If BackOffice has trouble retrieving an export, try running it again. If the problem persists, run the export for a smaller date range.

Why do many of the items on my Stock Items Export have a negative quantity?

When an item’s quantity reaches 0, there is nowhere else to go but into negative numbers when another sale is made. Negative quantities affect inventory value, but can be easily corrected. Simply adjust to the correct quantity and receive inventory as it comes in.

What is ‘Other’ on my Sales by Item/Department chart?

‘Other’ is a combination of items/departments that represent such a small fraction of your total sales that they would be difficult to represent individually on the graph. Because of this, they are grouped together in a single slice of the pie chart.

  • The Top Selling Items export (Analytics > Exports) shows every single item sold.
  • The Sales by Department report (Analytics > Sales) shows every Department.