BackOffice Settings

Some settings, like Register Licenses and Receipts, are missing.

Some settings are only visible to the business owner. Sign in as business owner to view the full menu. If you believe you are already signed in as the business owner, try resetting your password.

How do I change the credit card on file for billing?

The business owner can update billing details on the Manage Account page. Visit the Manage Account Billing article for more information.

I need to change the number of registers on my account.

Removing a register from or adding a register to your account is a multi-step process that involves both your iPad and the Register Licenses section of BackOffice (located in Settings).

See our Add and Remove Register Licenses support article for more information on this process.

I made a change to Receipt/Tender/etc. Settings, but it is not reflected on my register.

Any time you make an update in BackOffice, Get Updates from the Control Panel of each register to sync the changes.

I want item prices to appear on the labels I print from BackOffice.

Just change one setting to set the item price to print on labels. Click Settings and Label Printing. Change Print Price on Label to Yes and click Update.


I get a “We couldn’t find a store with that name” error when linking two locations.

This means that the account name is spelled wrong. Double-check the spelling and make sure it is entered lowercase and as one word.

I get a “Email or password incorrect” error when I try to link locations.

Only the business owner can link stores together. Sign in to BackOffice as the business owner to link your locations.

I’m get a “Sorry. There’s been an error linking your stores. Please try again or contact Customer Care.” error when I try to link multiple locations.

Follow each of the steps below to troubleshoot this problem. After each, check to see if the issue was resolved.

  • Check your internet connection and refresh the page.
  • Your BackOffice session may have ended. Refresh your page and make sure you’re still logged into BackOffice.
  • Contact Customer Care if the issue persists.