Most cash drawer issues are related to issues with receipt printers.

Please make sure your printer is able to print properly first!

Cash Drawer Issues

The pop-up window, “Cash Drawer Failure” appears on my iPad screen.

First, verify that your drawer is securely connected to the receipt printer’s DK port. Try unplugging and reconnecting the cable.

Next, look at the printer. If it has a steady blue or green READY light, turn the printer off, count to 10, and turn it back on. When the steady light returns, try reprinting the receipt or opening the drawer using No Sale.

If you have a blinking blue or green READY light on the printer, check out one of our receipt printer troubleshooting guides.

I complete a sale, but my drawer does not open.

On the register Control Panel, tap Hardware Setup, then Printer Setup. Tap to toggle the switch for your printer to the ON position.


If you don’t see your printer, check out our receipt printer troubleshooting guides for further help.

When I tap No Sale at my register, my drawer does not open and there is no error message in ShopKeep.

Check the connection between your cash drawer and your printer. The cable connecting them should be plugged securely into the bottom of the drawer and into the printer’s DK port.

Be sure that your cash drawer is in the unlocked position (the lock should be vertical).

I lost the keys to my cash drawer. How can I get a new set?

Give us a call at 800.820.9814 and we’d be more than happy to help you order more keys. You’ll need to provide the three digit lock number from the lock on the front of the drawer, so we can make sure you get the correct set.