History / Returns Issues

This part goes over problems you might run into when returning a sale.

I accidentally returned a sale I shouldn’t have.

Don’t worry, mistakes happen.

Run a sale for the returned items and tender it the same way you did the return (Cash, Other, etc). This balances out the return and ensures that your net sales and inventory quantities are correct.

In the case of a return to Credit, you need to swipe the customer’s card again to recharge them. If this isn’t possible, contact your credit card processor for further assistance.

When I search by receipt number, ShopKeep says there are no matching results.

This means you made a mistake entering the receipt number.

Check that you entered the correct number from the receipt. ShopKeep needs the transaction number, not order number.

Enter the receipt number again and pay close attention that you don’t miss a digit.


ShopKeep won’t let me return to Credit.

Only sales paid for with a credit card can be returned to credit.

Credit sales from outside the current shift need to be looked up by receipt number to refund back to the card. Missing the original receipt? Look it up from the Transactions Table in BackOffice or do a manual return to a different tender, like Cash.

When I tender a return, ShopKeep gives me a “Returning too much” error.

ShopKeep won’t let you refund more than the total of the original sale.

This error means that a portion of the sale was already refunded and what you’re trying to return exceeds the total allowed refund.

Either remove items from the return or initiate a manual return.


I can’t find the receipt I need to print on the list.

The History / Returns section only shows receipts from transactions that happened on that register during the current shift.

If applicable, check your other registers for the receipt or access it through the Transactions Table in BackOffice.

ShopKeep gives a printer error when I try to reprint.

Check out one of our printer troubleshooting articles to resolve the printer issue. Then, try again to reprint the receipt.

Shift Report Issues

Here, you’ll find answers to problems with the Shift Report.

I cannot print my X/Z report.

Use one of our printer troubleshooting articles to diagnose and solve the problem. Then, try again to print the report.

Gift Card Issues

Trouble checking the balance of a gift card? Keep reading for answers.

ShopKeep says I’m not set up to use gift cards.

If you recently received an email from us stating otherwise, make sure you followed all of our setup instructions, then, Get Updates on your register.


I keep seeing “Couldn’t connect to gateway” when I try to redeem a gift card.

This happens when the iPad has a poor connection to the internet or no connection at all.

1 Press your iPad’s home button to exit ShopKeep.

2 Open the Safari web browser and try to visit a webpage.

If you’re able to load a webpage, try to manually enter the gift card. Otherwise, continue below.

3 Open the iPad’s Settings app.

4 Check that you’re connected to your normal WiFi network.

5 If connected to WiFi and the problem persists, troubleshoot your router / modem or contact your internet service provider.

Why does ShopKeep want me to manually enter the gift card number?

This means there’s a problem with the connection between ShopKeep and your credit card reader.

Check out our credit card reader troubleshooting guides for help with this problem.