Open Check Issues

This section covers general issues related to opening, saving, and editing checks. Never saved a check before? Check out our Open Checks support article.

I misspelled a check’s name when saving it.

Not to worry! Checks can be easily renamed if a mistake is made.

1 Open the check from the Checks screen.

2 Tap the name of the check.


3 Enter a new name and Save.


When I try to close my shift, ShopKeep says I still have open checks.

Checks can stay open beyond the closing of a shift. You should still check to see what’s open so you can handle each check appropriately.

1 Visit the Checks screen to see your open checks.

2 Reopen each check and decide whether to leave open, tender for payment, or void.


3 Close your shift. If there are no open checks and you still see this message, close shift anyway.

Serverless Sync™ Issues

Scroll down for help with problems related to the Serverless Sync feature & trouble with checks syncing between registers. If you need help setting up Serverless Sync for the first time, check out our Serverless Sync setup article.

None of the checks I save are syncing to my other registers.

  • If checks have never synced between registers, verify you’ve gone through all Serverless Sync setup steps.
  • If checks have synced in the past and stopped syncing, one or more registers may be disconnected.

The Register List says that a register is disconnected.

Registers disconnect for a variety reasons: if the iPad loses its connection, the ShopKeep app is not open, or the iPad is asleep. If the Register List on one iPad shows every other register as disconnected, it’s likely that that iPad is actually the disconnected one.


Perform these actions in the order listed. After each, wait a full minute and check to see if the problem is resolved.

  • Check that all registers have ShopKeep open. If ShopKeep is closed, open it back up.
  • Make sure all iPads are on the same WiFi network. If an iPad has disconnected, reconnect it to the right network.
  • Get Updates from the Control Panel of the disconnected register.
  • Force quit ShopKeep on the register that’s disconnected. Then, reopen the ShopKeep app.
  • Force quit ShopKeep on all iPads. Reopen ShopKeep on each, one at a time.
  • Restart the iPad that’s disconnected. Open ShopKeep back up.
  • Restart all iPads. Reopen ShopKeep on each, one at a time.
  • Ask someone familiar with your network to reboot the router. Then, make sure each iPad reconnects to your WiFi.

I try to open a check, but ShopKeep says it cannot be found or retrieved.

This happens when the register a check was saved on is now out of sync. Check the Register List to see which register is disconnected and follow these troubleshooting steps.


Old checks suddenly reappeared on a register and I cannot delete or close them.

1 Force quit ShopKeep. Then, open the app back up.

2 Wait a full minute for the iPad to get back in sync.

3 Check to see if the problem is resolved. Contact Customer Care if the problem persists.

I have 3+ registers and one went offline. Now, that register cannot retrieve past checks.

  • Open the missing check on another register that is online.
  • Re-save the check under a new/different name.
  • Force quit and restart ShopKeep on the register that could not retrieve the check.
  • If the register is still not retrieving it, then transfer the check to another employee to change ownership.
  • Once the check reappears on the register, you can select it again and transfer it back to the original owner.