Pairing Issues

This section focuses on issues that could arise while attempting to pair the iCMP with the iPad.

The reader is stuck on the ShopKeep screen and won’t display “BT Pairing Required.”

1 If your iPad asks for a PIN, tap Cancel.

2 Tap the black F key four times in rapid succession.

3 Pair the iCMP with your iPad.


I keep receiving an iPad error message that says “Pairing Unsuccessful. Pairing took too long.”

The entire PIN number needs to be entered within one minute of initiating the pairing request or you will encounter this error.

1 Tap OK.

2a If the iCMP still displays the PIN, wait a few moments for the iPad to ask for it again and reenter the PIN.

2b If the iCMP displays “BT Pairing Required,” start the pairing process over.

Still unable to pair? Try tapping the BTinfo next to the name of the device, then forget the device. Repeat the pairing process.


I don’t see my iPad listed as an available device on the iCMP.

  • Check to see if Bluetooth is turned off on your iPad. If it’s off, switch it on. Your iPad should appear within just a couple of moments.

  • If Bluetooth is on, hold the button above the iCMP’s micro USB port for 2-3 seconds to reboot the reader. Then, try to pair the device.

Common Error Messages

This section covers common errors related to processing transactions with the iCMP in ShopKeep. Visit our Credit Card Readers Troubleshooting homepage for any errors not listed here.

ShopKeep displays the error “No Payment Processor Found” when I try to charge a credit card.

This means the account is not set up for credit card processing.

1 Contact your Point of Sale Specialist to sign up for ShopKeep Payments.

2 Have an existing credit card provider? Ask them to fill out our boarding form.

3 If you received an email stating the account was boarded, close the shift and open a new one.

ShopKeep returns a “Couldn’t connect to processor”, “Couldn’t connect to gateway”, or “Can’t reach payment processor” error when I attempt a transaction.

These errors occur as the result of the iPad having poor or no internet connectivity.

1 Press the iPad’s home button to exit ShopKeep.

2 Open the Safari web browser and perform a Google search.

  • If results load, force quit and re-open ShopKeep, then run the credit transaction again.
  • If search results do not load, follow these additional steps:

3 Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi.

4 Check that the iPad is connected to the correct network. If not, switch to the right one, force quit ShopKeep, and try the sale again.

5 If the problem persists, troubleshoot the router or contact your Internet service provider for help.

I swiped a customer’s credit card and it was declined. What’s going on?

“Decline” means the attempted charge was refused by the customer’s bank.

1 Tap Retry to try charging the card again.

2 If declined again, have the customer contact their bank or finish the sale with a different card / tender.

How can I fix an “InvalidDecryptedTrack” error?

This may appear if the iPad is running an old version of ShopKeep or if the swiper is no longer functional.

1 Update ShopKeep and try the transaction again.

2 If the problem persists, contact ShopKeep Customer Care.

ShopKeep says “Error communicating with processor” when I run a credit transaction.

This error is different from “Couldn’t connect to processor”. It most often indicates an issue with how the account is set up.

Contact ShopKeep Customer Care for assistance.

I receive the “Not a Credit Card” error when I swipe a card through the reader.

The “Not a Credit Card” message appears when an employee swipes something other than a credit card, like a gift card. It can also occur if a credit card’s magnetic strip is faulty or damaged.

1 Swipe a valid credit card.

2 If the swipe fails, try to manually enter the card information.

3 If the card is a ShopKeep gift card, tender the sale as Gift Card and swipe again.

4 If the problem persists, contact ShopKeep Customer Care for further assistance.

iCMP Device Errors

This section covers error messages that may appear on the screen of the iCMP itself.

My iCMP displays the error “This Lane Closed.”

Just restart the iCMP to solve this problem and get back to business.

1 Hold the button above the micro USB port for 2-3 seconds to reboot the reader.


2 Run the transaction again.

My iCMP displays the error “Alert Irruption” or “Ready to Download”.

These errors indicate a hardware or software problem with the device. Contact ShopKeep Customer Care for assistance.

Issues without Error Messages

This section covers unusual behavior that is not accompanied by an error message.

I tendered a transaction, but nothing happens when I swipe a card.

  • Verify that the magnetic strip on the card is facing up as you slide it through the reader.
  • If you’re swiping it correctly, there could be a problem with the card. Try using a different credit card.
  • If multiple cards exhibit the same behavior, force quit the ShopKeep app.
  • If everything else fails, unpair the iCMP from the iPad. Then, pair it again and attempt the transaction one more time.

ShopKeep displays a manual card entry screen and does not let me swipe.

1 Open the iPad’s Settings app and tap Bluetooth.

2 Look for “Ingenico” under My Devices. Most likely, its status will be “Not Connected.”

3a If the iCMP screen displays “BT Pairing Required,” proceed by pairing the device again with your iPad.

3b If the iCMP screen displays “ShopKeep,” tap the F key four times in rapid succession. Then, proceed by pairing the device again with your iPad.

My iCMP is stuck on the “ShopKeep” screen and won’t display “Swipe or Tap Card”.

1 On the Control Panel, tap Hardware Setup. Then, press Card Readers.

  • iCMP is listed, but there’s no green check mark: tap iCMP to reconnect.
  • iCMP is listed with a green check mark: force quit and reopen ShopKeep.
  • iCMP is not listed: tap the reader’s F button 4 times and re-pair the reader.

My iCMP displays “Swipe or Tap Card” when I’m not on a payment screen.

1 Tap the Credit button in ShopKeep. Does the ShopKeep app also display “Swipe or Tap Card”?


If it does, click here.

2 Cancel the transaction in ShopKeep. The iCMP should return to the ShopKeep screen.

If it does not, click here instead.

2 Double press your iPad’s home button.

3 Use one finger to swipe the ShopKeep app up toward the top of your screen. It should disappear.

4 Reopen ShopKeep on the iPad. The iCMP should now display the ShopKeep screen.

5 If the iCMP is still stuck on “Swipe or Tap Card,” reboot it by holding the button above its micro USB port.

6 Run a credit or gift card transaction to make sure everything is working as expected.