This support article is for our limited release feature of Items with Variants, also known as Matrix Inventory. To learn more and request access, please read and fill out this form.

Items with Variants Troubleshooting

Use this guide to solve issues that might occur while creating and using items with variants.

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I have created items with variants, but I do not see them on the register.

  1. Registers must be running version 2.8.4 or greater of the ShopKeep app. See our article to check to see if you are running the latest version of the ShopKeep app, as well as the latest iOS version. Check the diagnostics screen on your register to verify.
  2. In BackOffice, make sure that the item is marked as Active. Click the checkbox to make the item active.

When I try to create an item, I receive a 'UPC Code already used' message.

  1. If a UPC is used by a basic item, delete the UPC code from the basic item before adding it to the item with variants.

    To learn how to update UPCs in bulk, view the Bulk Management article.

I have created an item with variants, but I am unable to find it on the button layout page.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the items list. Items with variants will be on the bottom of the list by default.
  2. Or use the search function.
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From my Item List, I am unable to see total item data for items with variants.

  1. View total item data for items with variants, by clicking the up arrow on the Items List to collapse the more detailed information
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