Items Troubleshooting

This guide is designed to help you resolve issues related to the Items section of BackOffice. Whether you’re having trouble with browsing items or using Bulk Management, continue reading below for assistance.

Table of Contents

Inventory Item Issues

This section focuses on problems you could encounter while browsing and managing your items.

The Items List only displays 10 items. What’s going on?

By default, the Items List displays the 10 most recently modified stock items (even if there are more than that in your BackOffice).

  1. Click to change the number of items displayed on each page.
  2. Click through the page numbers to browse the rest.

An item’s quantity is stuck at 0 and is unaffected by sales and returns made at the register.

This means the item’s Track Inventory setting is set to False. Sales of the item are still recorded, but ShopKeep doesn’t keep track of the number of units on hand.

  1. Tap 'Items' and select 'Items List'.
  2. Select the item you’re having problems with.
  3. Change Track Inventory to 'True' and click 'OK'.
  4. Adjust quantity on hand to the appropriate amount.

My items have a quantity that’s a negative number.

When the quantity of an item reaches 0 in BackOffice, there is nowhere else to go but negative when another sale is made. Negative quantities affect inventory value, but can be easily corrected. Simply adjust to the correct quantity and receive inventory as more comes in.

I added some new stock items in BackOffice, but can’t find them anywhere on my register.

Any time you add items, Get Updates on the register to sync the iPad with BackOffice.

I accidentally received inventory at the wrong cost / quantity. Can I fix this in BackOffice?

No, cost cannot be adjusted in BackOffice, because it’s calculated as a weighted average cost as inventory is received. Incorrect quantities can be adjusted in BackOffice by receiving the correct quantity or adjusting the current inventory. Alternatively, you can easily correct incorrect costs and quantities by performing a modify inventory Bulk Management job.

Bulk Management Issues

This section focuses on issues you could encounter while using the Bulk Manage Items feature.

I used Bulk Management to add/modify/delete items, but ShopKeep says there were errors.

The first step in resolving import errors is to figure out exactly what went wrong. Luckily, ShopKeep generates an error log that accompanies each faulty Bulk Management job.

  1. On the Bulk Management page, click Download errors.
    Click to Enlarge
  2. Open the file in your spreadsheet software of choice.
  3. The first column shows the reason for each error.
      Name already used – An item with the same Name already exists in inventory or in the import spreadsheet.
      UPC must be either 8, 12, or 13 digits – ShopKeep only accepts UPC codes of this length.
      UPC already used – An item with the same UPC already exists in inventory or within the import spreadsheet.
      UPC may only contain digits – UPC codes cannot contain letters, only digits 0-9.
      Name can’t be blank – You’ve left the Name field blank. ShopKeep requires a unique name for each stock item.
      Cost and Quantity On Hand must both be zero when Track Inventory is ‘false’ – Set Track Inventory to “true” or leave Quantity and Cost blank.
      No stock item associated with ID – ShopKeep needs each item’s Stock Item Record ID to modify or delete items in bulk. Run a fresh Stock Items Export and try again.
  4. Correct each error and re-import the affected items.

When I choose my file and try to proceed, BackOffice says: “Imported file is invalid”.

This error means your file was saved incorrectly. Make sure the import file is in .CSV format. If you’re not sure how to check, try re-saving it from your spreadsheet software or visit the Bulk Importing support article.