MailChimp Integration Troubleshooting

Here we’ll take a look at some issues you might encounter while using our MailChimp integration. Check out this related support article if you need help setting up this feature.

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I deleted a customer in ShopKeep, but it’s still in MailChimp.

ShopKeep syncs both new customers that you add and changes that you make to existing ones. Customers deletions do not transfer over. Manually remove this customer from MailChimp.

Changes I make in MailChimp don’t show up in ShopKeep.

MailChimp integration is a one-way street: only changes made in ShopKeep sync over. Manually update your ShopKeep customer list to reflect the edit(s) you made.

  1. In MailChimp, click your account name and select 'Account'.
  2. Click 'Extras' and select 'API keys'.
  3. Under 'Authorized Applications', click the 'X' on ShopKeep.
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    MailChimp Settings in BackOffice displays an error message, but is otherwise functional.

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When I go to the MailChimp page in BackOffice I see: "We’re having trouble accessing your MailChimp account."

Chances are you are seeing this message because you unlinked MailChimp and ShopKeep. You can re-link your MailChimp account, if you want, or disregard the message.