Networking Issues

This section focuses primarily on network-related issues that can crop up between your WiFi Router, printer, and iPad connection.

My printer is set up, but I don’t see it in Printer Setup.

The iPad may be on the wrong Wi-Fi network. On the iPad, open Settings, and make sure it is on the same network as the printer.

ShopKeep failed to connect to the printer and the printer’s front light is blinking blue/green.

The printer is no longer connected to the network or is not receiving an IP address from the router.

  • If the READY light blinks steadily:

1 Switch off the printer, count to 5, and turn it back on.

  • If the READY light double-blinks:

1 Switch off the printer and check the physical connection between it and the router.

2 Reconnect the ethernet cable to the printer/router.

3 Switch the printer back on.

  • If the issue persists beyond the above troubleshooting:

1 Switch the printer off.

2 Reboot the router.

3 Turn the printer back on.

My printer has a solid blue/green light on the front, but it / the cash drawer is not working.

A brief interruption in your Wi-Fi network may have disconnected the printer from your iPad. Open the register Control Panel, tap Hardware Setup, select Printer Setup, tap your printer to enable, and press Test Print.

A network interruption on your WiFi network might also require a power cycle of your printer. If necessary, turn the printer off, count to 5, and turn it back on.

How do I know if my printer is on the network / receiving an IP address?

Print a diagnostic receipt right from the printer. It’ll show you the Network Configuration and the current IP Address of the printer.

1 Flip the printer power switch OFF.


2 Press and hold the FEED button.


3 While still holding FEED, flip the printer power switch ON.

4 Once a receipt begins to print, release the FEED button.

The second receipt will contain the Current IP Parameters Status and your printer’s IP Address.


My printer prints a slip that says “No Host Connection” and its READY light is blinking blue/green.

The printer is no longer connected to the network or is not receiving an IP address from the router.

Follow these steps above to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.

Hardware Issues

Here you can find issues specific to printer hardware. This assumes your iPad is talking to the printer, but still not printing correctly.

The printer works, but all the receipts come out blank.

Both the 650II and TSP100 are thermal printers that use special thermal receipt paper. Make sure you are not using regular paper bought elsewhere or included with a Ticket Printer.

Because the printer paper is thermal, information can only be printed on one side. If your receipts are blank, try removing the paper, flipping it over, and reprinting the receipt.

My receipt printer works, but the cash drawer isn’t opening.

The cash drawer is printer driven, and requires no special setup other than connection to your printer. Double check that the drawer is unlocked (turned to the left), and the included cable is connected properly.

The printer’s ERROR light is solid red, the READY light is solid blue/green, and nothing prints.

Either the printer cover is open or the paper roll is loaded improperly.

1 Pull back the lever to open the cover.


2 Remove the roll and reload it with the end of the roll feeding up from the bottom.


3 Close the printer cover on the paper.

The printer and iPad have the same IP address, the READY light is solid blue/green, but the printer does not print.

This means that the app is not connecting to the printer.

In ShopKeep, tap Hardware Setup on the Control Panel and select Printer Setup. Verify that the name of your printer appears with a green switch next to it and says “Connected”.

If the printer’s name is there but the switch is not green, tap the switch to toggle it on.

If the printer is not listed, force quit ShopKeep, turn the iPad off, turn the iPad back on, open ShopKeep, and look for the printer’s name in Printer Setup. Then, tap the switch next to the printer to toggle it on.

The printer’s ERROR light is blinking red, the READY light is off, and nothing prints.

This means the printer has run out of paper or is going to run out soon.

Follow the instructions above to load a fresh roll or visit the ShopKeep Store to order more.

My printer is switched ON , but none of the printer’s lights are on.

The printer is not receiving power. Check that the power cable is connected securely to the back of the printer and to a wall outlet. If the problem persists, try using a different power outlet.