Syncing Issues

This section covers problems having to do with the synchronization between your BackOffice and QuickBooks Online.

I received an email that says someone deleted an account/product/service in QuickBooks and my data stopped syncing.

Reactivate both deleted accounts and products/services to restore syncing to QuickBooks.

Restore Deleted Accounts

Any account used in ShopKeep’s account mapping should be active in QuickBooks.

1 In QuickBooks, click Transactions and Chart of Accounts.


2 Select the gear and check the Include inactive box.


3 Look for ShopKeep accounts marked ‘deleted’ and choose Make active.


4 Contact ShopKeep Customer Care to sync shifts that failed to post to QuickBooks.

Restore Deleted Products/Services

Products/services that should be active include: SK-RETURNS, SK-DISCOUNTS, SK-GRATUITY, and ShopKeep department names.

1 In QuickBooks, click your company name and Products and Services.


2 Select the filter button.


3 Change the status from Active to All and choose Apply.


4 Look for products/services marked ‘deleted’ and select Make active.


5 Contact ShopKeep Customer Care to sync shifts that failed to post to QuickBooks.

My information is not syncing to QuickBooks and I have not changed anything since setting up.

There are several reasons this could be happening:

  • There may be an open shift. Shifts only post to QuickBooks the morning after a shift is closed. Close any shifts that are still open.
  • Someone may have deleted a QuickBooks account/product/service. Check ShopKeep’s account mapping against QuickBooks’ chart of accounts to ensure the accounts ShopKeep needs are active. Also, restore deleted products/services that ShopKeep may be using.
  • Setup may not be complete. Go to QuickBooks settings. If setup was completed properly, you should see ‘Syncing’. If not, click ‘Connect’ or ‘Create Accounts’.
  • There may be more returns than sales. Visit the BackOffice Analytics Dashboard Summary View for the date of the shift that did not post. If there is a negative value for net sales or any individual tender, the shift cannot sync. Manually enter its numbers into QuickBooks.

Have you troubleshooted these issues, but can’t resolve the problem? Contact Customer Care for further assistance.

I only see one journal entry in QuickBooks instead of two.

Most times, two journal entries appear per shift: the tenders and cash drawer entries. Under certain conditions, it is normal for only one to show up.

If no sales are performed, there is nothing for the sales entry to display. If there are no drops/payouts/purchases, there is nothing for the cash drawer entry to show. In either case, only one entry is generated.

My ShopKeep information posts to QuickBooks, but some things are going into the wrong accounts.

Check out the QuickBooks® Integration: Advanced Topics support article and update your account mapping. This changes which accounts receive which information and ensures that future data ends up where it should. Information that has already posted to QuickBooks must be moved manually within QuickBooks.

I received an email that says there was an “authorization failure” error while posting shifts to QuickBooks Online.

1 In BackOffice, click Settings.


2 Select QuickBooks.


3 Choose Disconnect QuickBooks.


4 Press OK.


6 Contact ShopKeep Customer Care for help syncing any shifts missing from QuickBooks.

I received an email that says there was a billing problem with my QuickBooks subscription and shift syncing was turned off.

This error occurs when the QuickBooks Online subscription linked to an account is cancelled or there is a billing issue.