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ShopKeep Pocket Troubleshooting

This page provides solutions for issues that you might encounter while using the ShopKeep Pocket app.

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  • ShopKeep Pocket for Android
  • Table of Contents

    "Verification Failed, Invalid login / password".

    This error indicates the store name, username, email, and/or password were entered incorrectly.

    1. Re-enter the store name.

      It should be one word, lowercase, and contain no punctuation or spaces.

    2. Re-enter the username / email.
    3. Re-enter the password.

      Username / email and password are case-sensitive. They should be identical to what is used to sign into BackOffice.

    4. Tap 'Verify & Save'.

    The ShopKeep Pocket app crashed.

    Follow the steps below, then relaunch the app to see if the problem was resolved.

    1. Open the App Store and update Pocket.
    2. Force quit Pocket.
    3. Delete Pocket and reinstall it.

      If you need help reinstalling Pocket, visit one of these articles:

    My sales data is not updating.

    Follow the steps below, then relaunch the app to see if the issue has been resolved.

    1. Verify the internet connection by trying to load a web page on that device.

      Try visiting a web page other than Google, such as If that doesn’t load, then you have an internet speed issue.

    2. On the iPad register, load the Diagnostics Overview and check for errors next to 'Request Queue'.

      Visit the Manager Functions Troubleshooting guide to fix Request Queue errors.

    3. Force quit and reopen the ShopKeep Pocket app.