Staff/Employee Troubleshooting

This page focuses on solving issues related to the management of staff/employees in BackOffice.

Table of Contents

Staff/Employee Issues

From missing employees to missing settings, this section has solutions to common staff/employee issues.

Some employees are missing from the Staff List page.

BackOffice managers see a limited list of staff that excludes other BackOffice managers. Log in as the Business Owner to view all staff.

  1. Tap the arrow at the top and 'Logout'.
  2. Enter the Business Owner email and password and tap 'Log in'.

    This is the email and password used to create the account.

I added new employees, but they cannot sign in or clock in at the register.

When a new employee is added in BackOffice, update the register to sync their register code to the iPad.

  1. Sign in to the register as a manager.
  2. On the Control Panel, tap 'Get Updates'.
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Some register functions, like Open/Close Shift, are missing.

Open/Close Shift, No Sale, Pay In/Payout, and Get Updates features are only available to Register Managers. Make an employee a manager to give him/her access to these functions.

  1. In BackOffice, go to the Staff List and select an employee.
  2. Check the 'Register Manager' box and tap 'OK'.
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  3. Sign in to the register and Get Updates.

Some BackOffice settings are missing.

BackOffice Managers can view most, but not all, settings. Log in as Business Owner to manage restricted settings like Register Licenses and Receipts.

For more on employee privileges, visit the BackOffice Settings and Password article.

Time Clock Issues

If you are having problems with the Time Clock in BackOffice, we have you covered in this section.

Employee time punches display in BackOffice with the wrong time.

There are a few date and time settings that affect time clock punches.

  1. Make sure the time zone on the device you’re accessing BackOffice from is correct.
  2. Check the date, time, and time zone settings on the iPad register. Then, clock in/out and verify the clock punch displays the right time.

    If this works, all future clock punches will be correct.

  3. If the problem persists, contact ShopKeep Customer Care.