WindFall iPad Stand Troubleshooting

Use this guide to resolve problems with the WindFall iPad stand. If you need help assembling your WindFall for the first time, visit our setup guide.

Table of Contents

I lost my WindFall assembly tool.

The WindFall iPad enclosure uses TORX security screws (size T10). Contact us to place an order for a compatible assembly tool or visit a local hardware store.

I can't plug my iDynamo into the iPad when it is in the stand.

If the WindFall backplate is screwed on too tightly, it can be hard to plug in the iDynamo. Unscrew the WindFall backplate, connect the iDynamo, and reassemble the stand.

My iPad doesn’t fit in the stand.

Check the iPad’s model and look at the WindFall order confirmation to check if you bought the right WindFall. If you ordered the wrong WindFall model, we can exchange it within 30 days of purchase.