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If you’ve found your way to this article, the chances are that you’ve got a local business and you’re looking for a new way to take payments, track your business metrics, run your inventory, and generally turn yourself into a small business ninja. Well, I have good news: you’ve come to the right place. ShopKeep is used by thousands of amazing business owners from around the country – and for a good reason. ShopKeep offers industry-leading software — that used to cost $10,000 or more — for a nominal monthly fee. In fact, by clicking through here, you’ve basically just won the lottery in your point of sale search. But it’s not just about price. Here are 10 more awesome reasons to choose ShopKeep.

1. It Just Works

Building a business has been likened to jumping out of an airplane and building the parachute on the way down. There’s a lot that can and will go wrong. So, when you’re choosing your point of sale system, you need something that’s 100% reliable. ShopKeep just works. No fuss. Unlike this:

2. It’s Good To Talk: 24/7 Customer Care

You need a company that is there to pick up the phone 24/7 – without exception. That’s our guarantee. If you want help building your inventory lists at 3am on a Wednesday, you can just give us a call. If you want help creating great sales reports on Saturday at 2am, you should probably be out having fun but, y’know, you can still call us too.

Although to be honest, calling these guys and gals is a lot of fun.  Look how fun they look. I mean, the woman on the right is called Summer. That’s how fun and friendly our Customer Care team is – even their names make you think of sunshine. The guy in the middle is called Buttercup.*

*May or may not actually be true. Summer is really called Summer though 

shopkeep support staff

3. We’re Growing With You

The ShopKeep system already comes packed with goodies, including sophisticated tools for sales reporting, inventory management, employee management, CRM, and more. But the really great news is this: Even though our system gets better and better every month, you keep paying t a monthly fee. No more, no less. It’s like signing up to receive a bag of skittles for $1 each month – and then getting a bigger and bigger bag of Skittles every single time.

shopkeep staff

4. We’re on a Mission to Take Back Main Street

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local communities and the engine room of our national economy. They create jobs, drive urban regeneration, and foster a sense of community in our local areas. Unfortunately, these local business owners have been fighting with one hand behind their back for the last twenty years. Big-box retailers and chain restaurants have been able to implement expensive and sophisticated technology – and they have come to dominate Main Street as a result. At ShopKeep, our mission is to level that playing field.

Local entrepreneurs like you are in a David vs. Goliath fight with these big corporations and…

We’re building you a better slingshot.

5. We’re founded by a Business Owner, Just Like You

ShopKeep was founded by an experienced small business owner, who has been there and done that in the world of business. He founded a tech startup called InternetCash before setting up a wine store, a cafe, and a grocery business that grew to employ over 70 people and turn over millions of dollars in Brooklyn, New York. Now he’s tasked with making sure ShopKeep fulfills its mission of helping business owners succeed.

The really awesome thing about our founder is that he’s not some crazy tech billionaire. He’s just a normal guy with a passion for helping small business owners dream big and fight smart. Not only is he a nice guy who’s just good at starting businesses. I mean, he used to have a fishmonger in his grocery. Bad people don’t mong fish. They just don’t. He’s basically like a cross between a Walton and Warren Buffet. That’s the kind of guy you want to do business with.

Ok, so by now you’re probably thinking, ‘wow – ShopKeep is awesome. I don’t even need 5 more reasons to sign up’.  Well, if that’s the case, you’re in luck! Simply click on the button below to get started on your ShopKeep journey.

Still not convinced? Fear not. Scroll on down for more awesome reasons to choose ShopKeep.

6. ‘This Point of Sale Looks Good…. Hey Everyone, Come See How Good This Looks…’

… said nobody ever. That is, until ShopKeep came along. Before ShopKeep, this is what point of sale used to look like:

I know what you’re thinking…beautiful right?! Hmmmm…. maybe not.  And this isn’t even the worst one.

At ShopKeep, we’ve worked hard to create something that is beautiful and functional. It does what it needs to do and it looks good in the process.

shopkeep terminal

7. ShopKeep is to simple, as Daffy is to duck, as white is to rice, etc…

At ShopKeep, we pride ourselves on providing an intuitive, simple, easy-to-use, can’t go wrong, easy-peasy, idiot-proof system. Now, that’s a lot of words that basically mean the same thing to emphasize the fact that we’re really simple. We’re super simple. If there was a superpower of simplicity, we’d have it, we’d call ourselves The SuperShopKeepers, and we’d use the power only for good.

Not convinced on the simplicity? This is a ten-year-old child using the system.

child with shopkeep terminal

Seriously, she uses the system after school when she works in her dad’s ice cream shop in Burnaby, BC. It’s that simple. You can check out the case study here.

8. You can smarten up your act with ShopKeep

Running your own business often means being confronted by a lot of difficult questions. What should we sell? How much should we charge? How much stock should we order? How many employees should we hire? How big of a discount should we offer? That’s a lot of answers to find on your own – and it can often seem like you’re ‘going with your gut’ a little more than you’d like.

The good news is that with ShopKeep, you don’t have to. We give you the quality data you need to make smart business decisions. At ShopKeep, our tagline is ‘Smarter Business’ for a reason. Working with our software is like having a team of data geeks in your pocket… and you know what? At ShopKeep, we have all the best geeks.

There are two types of geeks in the world. Those who ‘quite like’ spreadsheets and those who really, actually love data with the passion and fire of ten thousand burning suns. We hire the second type – and put them to work for you.

The single quality that defines all successful business people is that they don’t just find answers, they find better answers every single day. And you know how they do it? With quality data. Now you can too.

9. We’re locked up tighter than a particularly tightly locked up thing

Given all the recent press about point of sale security breaches at Home Depot, Target, and SuperValu, you’d be forgiven for thinking that stealing credit card details was as simple as going up to a cashier and asking nicely. It’s actually a complex job.

Luckily, when you join Team ShopKeep, you get access to some of the most sophisticated security protocols on the market today. We do point-to-point encryption, with military-grade credit card swipers that encrypt your customers’ payment details before they ever hit your operating system. We are PCI-compliant and we’re always looking for ways to make payments as secure as possible. You can also rest assured that as EMV and Apple Pay start to make inroads, we’ll be there to make sure you’re well taken care of. In short, we’re locked up tight.

10. Starting and running a successful business is hard. But with ShopKeep, it gets a lot easier.

The statistics about opening and running a successful business can be sobering. The failure rate for new businesses is worryingly high – and even if you’ve been in business for years, the year-over-year growth rates don’t exactly set investors pulses raising.

That is, unless you’re using ShopKeep. Here’s some stats that might just be the ultimate awesome reason to use ShopKeep.

Stat 1:

Businesses using ShopKeep enjoyed 15% year over year growth in Q2 vs. a national average of only 4.3%.

What Does That Actually Mean?

Businesses who use ShopKeep grow more than three times as fast as the national average

Stat 2:

25% of new small businesses fail within the first year vs. only 5% of ShopKeep small businesses.

What Does That Actually Mean?

Starting a new small business is notoriously difficult, with only 75% of them making it past their first year. With ShopKeep that number jumps to 95%. In short, you are significantly more likely to be in business longer if you open your store or restaurant with ShopKeep.

So what are you waiting for? Come on in! Give our dedicated Point of Sale Specialist team a call and find out how ShopKeep can help your business.

Paul Nugent

Paul Nugent

Paul Nugent is a small business advocate who uses his background in the startup space, along with his POS system expertise, to allow small business owners to make informed decisions within their specific budgets.