Lately, it seems like small business blogs are a dime a dozen.

And with good reason. Running a small business is tough, but getting the right advice can make the process much easier. That’s the role that a great small business blog can fill. But with all the noise online, how is a small business owner supposed to distinguish the bad blogs from the good, and the good blogs from the exceptional?

Since we care just as much about your business as you do, we’ve put together the ultimate list of small business blogs for retailers to follow. Take a look below.


Retail Minded

Though many blogs cover retail trends (often with a focus on the big box stores), Retail Minded is one of the few online resources dedicated to independent retailers. Find information here on small business marketing and cost-efficient ways to improve brick-and-mortar sales, among other topics.



One of the most comprehensive and reliable payment websites out there, Pymnts brings you news, opinion, and solid research about the latest payments trends. From mobile payments to POS systems, you’ll want to make sure to have this website bookmarked. You can also sign up for their newsletter for informative articles sent directly to your inbox.


Small Biz Technology

Small Biz Technology is a media company and website that educates small business owners on how to strategically use technology as a tool to grow their business. Founded by small business expert Ramon Ray, Small Biz Technology covers everything from acquiring customers and nurturing these relationships, to payment trends and technology tools to better spend your time and money.



This blog is exactly what its name suggests, small business advice from small business expert, Melinda Emerson. Emerson has made a name for herself by providing a wide range of small business advice. Though not necessarily targeted at retail merchants, Emerson’s knowledge is applicable across industries.



Capterra is the blog to visit when searching for business apps and software information. Read up on articles and guides that will help you pick the right software, apps, and tools for your small business. Capterra also provides you with an abundance of retail advice, everything from tips on employee scheduling to optimizing email campaigns. Its straightforward navigation also makes their content a breeze to read.


Retail Info Systems News

Retail Info Systems News (RIS) covers the convergence of the business of retail and information technology, touching on all aspects of retail technology. Find information on choosing a POS system, technology trends, and the latest on retail industry news.


Small Business Trends

If you have small business questions, Small Business Trends most likely has answers. Covering topics such as digital marketing, SEO, and finance, they also provide useful guides and templates to help you optimize your time and resources.



Run by a payroll startup, the Gusto blog provides advice on payroll, employee benefits, and taxes. So if making financial and HR decisions makes you nervous, Gusto can help with their easy-to-read guides and tutorials.


The Point of Sale News

No list would be complete without one of our personal favorites: The Point of Sale News. An online magazine for the POS industry, this blog is one of the most comprehensive POS resources out there. Covering both restaurant and retail POS systems, you can also find information on choosing a POS and purchasing hardware.


Mobile Payments Today

If you’re looking to learn more about payments than just what POS system to adopt, Mobile Payments Today will help you connect the dots of mobile payments to the world around you. For those who have taken an active interest in payment technology, we promise it won’t disappoint. By the way, did you know that the mobile POS market is expected to increase by 400 percent by 2019? Just one of the many tidbits of wisdom you’ll find on this blog.


Business 2 Community

Described as an “open community” where business professionals can establish themselves and network with others, Business 2 Community boasts over 10K contributors on dozens of business topics. Consider them your one-stop shop for quick and easy answers related to social media, digital marketing, finance, and technology.


Street Fight

Tackling the topic of hyperlocal marketing, Street Flight follows the disruption taking place in the local marketing ecosystem. Find everything from articles on ad tech, to surveys on effective marketing tools, and case studies to inform your marketing strategy.


Software Advice

One of the most reliable resources on small business software out there, Software Advice provides detailed reviews and research on thousands of software applications. Their resource section is a mix of well-researched blog posts and informative infographics.



Where is the best place to find financial-related content? That’s right, Kabbage! They’re an online platform that loans small businesses cash when they need it. They also host a stellar blog. You’ll find useful tax advice here and information on what type of loan is most appropriate for your business.



If you’re looking for reliable information on how to prioritize EMV migration or mobile payments in your small business, check out Ingenico’s blog. As makers of payment hardware you can trust the information they provide is both thorough and reliable.


Evergreen Small Business

Described as a “practical how-to blog for small businesses,” Stephen Nelson is a CPA and tax expert. His blog — Evergreen Small Business — features LLC formation kits and a variety of comprehensive tax and finance-focused ebooks. Nelson also posts free small business content covering subjects such as outsourcing payroll.


The Retail Doctor

The doctor is in the house! And this doc covers all things retail. From social media, to customer service, to seasonal merchandising, you can bet founder and business strategist Bob Phibbs has written about it on The Retail Doctor.


Merchant Maverick

Merchant Maverick isn’t just any software review site, but one that compares software for more than a dozen different categories (POS software, email marketing, CRM, etc.). Their wealth of knowledge easily translates over to their blog, serving up a hearty dose of software advice that any small business owner will find useful.


Razor Branding

Authored by Jaci Russo, a brand strategist with more than 20 years of experience, Razor Branding is an outstanding resource for any small business looking to improve upon (or start defining) its brand. Learn what and what not to do to reboot or jumpstart your brand with their library of informative but easy to follow articles.


National Retail Federation (NRF)

You’d expect a topnotch blog from the world’s largest retail trade association in the world, and the National Retail Federation (NRF) does not disappoint. Find up-to-date news on everything from consumer trends to loss prevention, merchandising and marketing. They also have an expansive library of resources to help you out with everything from holiday planning to buying guides.


Payments News

This blog is your go-to for daily news on innovation and electronic payments. The team at Payments News monitors the news of the day across the wide-ranging field of electronic payments. If you’re looking to stay up-to-date on payment news, this should be your first stop. Brief news releases covering topics such as the rollout of Android Pay are short and easy to digest, often pulling directly from press releases.



For financial questions and advice, NerdWallet is the blog to follow for everything from credit cards to investing to insurance. They feature an extensive number of posts on EMV, along with informative articles on POS systems. The breadth of content they cover is wide, so make sure to look through their backlog for articles that go beyond financial advice to touch on tips for starting and running a business.


Kizer and Bender’s Retail Adventures

Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender are professional speakers, retail strategists, authors, and consultants. Their blog, Retail Adventures, provides a glimpse into their expertise with thoughtful commentary addressing retail trends and topics such as EMV preparedness.



SnapRetail is an award-winning online marketing solution for independent retailers. They also produce a robust blog that’s a great resource for information on social media and email marketing.


Payment Facilitator

A website covering payment topics globally, here you’ll find solid news regarding mobile payments, EMV, and payment security. If you’re interested in a broader scope when it comes to payment information, you’ll enjoy the content on Payment Facilitator. They take a deeper dive into payment-related issues with articles that cover subjects such as why merchants are afraid of mobile payments.



If your business has taken the leap and started selling its goods online, you’ll appreciate Wiser, whose blog is dedicated entirely to ecommerce. So what makes them the perfect company to author content on this subject? As a pricing engine that re-prices products in real time, they live and breathe ecommerce. So turn to Wiser for any of your ecommerce and pricing strategy questions. Isn’t it about time that you learn the difference between dynamic pricing and price discrimination?


Progressive Grocer

If you are a grocer or a specialty food store owner, this one’s for you. Progressive Grocer will update you on the latest trends and industry news while providing you with comprehensive research and reports. Ever thought about the impact of millennials’ use of coupons? Well, you will now!


Retail Dive

Keeping you updated on mobile trends and retail, Retail Dive is the perfect blog to read if you are a small business owner that wants to stay abreast of larger industry trends — such as the rapid adoption of digital wallets.



Founded by three former Entrepreneur Magazine writers, SmallBizDaily combines decades of reading and writing about entrepreneurship with real-life experience. Their goal is to share their “unique take” on all things small business.


Retail Customer Experience

Focusing heavily on customer experience, Retail Customer Experience provides quality content on mobile payment trends and adoption. You should also check out their detailed guides on POS systems and mobile wallets. You’ll be glad you did.


We Rock Your Web

We Rock Your Web strives to be your destination for anything related to websites. This includes honest reviews for email marketing services as well as POS systems. If you’re sick of weeding through sponsored content to find a legitimate critique of a product, this is website is for you.


Multichannel Merchant

Even if you haven’t incorporated ecommerce into your business, Multichannel Merchant is the place to keep your eye on for trends and information on how adding an online presence to your store could affect your business.



An interesting setup, RetailWire covers national retail issues by posing discussion questions to its readers. You can join conversations about whether or not customer experience is the new loyalty or the difficulty in creating a seamless omnichannel experience.


Pet Business

Don’t let the name of this blog fool you, much of this content is applicable to a number of industries. The layperson might not think technology when they think pet shops, but if you’re in the business of pet care, we know you know differently. Pet Business can help you stay up to date on industry news and business and marketing trends.


Digital Transactions

If you need a little push towards, or a little more convincing on why you should start accepting forms of mobile payment, Digital Transactions can give you that nudge. Read up on why shoppers favor retailers that accept mobile wallets, as well as the latest news on EMV compliance.



Business apps can be amazing resources to your business. As an online marketplace for business apps, GetApp’s blog is full of content that can helps you distinguish the mediocre from the exceptional in the world of apps.




Don’t judge this blog by its cover. Bplans goes way beyond advice on writing a business plan to touch on all areas of business management and business strategy. They even offer downloadable templates to help you perform complex tasks like running a SWOT analysis.


Small Biz Ahead by The Hartford

Produced by small business insurance provider, The Hartford, Small Biz Ahead is one of the leading destinations for small business content and advice. With a library of hundreds of articles, they cover everything from employee management to insurance, and even whether or not you should allow dogs into your place of business.


ShopKeep’s Small Business Hub

Apologies for the shameless self-promotion, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include our own Small Business Hub in this list. With a focus on both tactical and strategic advice that covers everything from marketing tips to guides for picking the right point of sale, our goal is to give you all the tools you need to run your a successful retail shop, quick-service restaurant, or full-service restaurant & bar.

If 44 blogs seems like a lot, don’t worry, you don’t need to read them all at once. Take a look at a few now and then bookmark this page for later. This post isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we! So make sure to follow us on Facebook for more bookmark-worthy content.

Sara Sugar

Sara Sugar

As Managing Editor at ShopKeep, a leading iPad Point of Sale System, Sara Sugar uses her distinguished journalism background to boil down small business and point of sale topics.