When first starting out, most business owners lavish much time and money on branding; they create logos, build unique stores, and try to foster a special atmosphere.

They know that the right experience will turn a first time visitor into a repeat customer, but too often the brand work stops there. And that’s like forgetting the cherry atop a sundae. The good news is that POS software can help will all of these aspects! A few businesses that seem to have figured out how to keep this love going include: Dominique Ansel Bakery, where folks from all over the world come ravenously to New York and wait on endless lines for a bite of the ever-famous Soho bakery’s cronut. And Alex and Ani, whose bracelets have women of all ages connecting with family and friends through their meaningful (not to mention eco-friendly) jewelry. So, how did these businesses make a big splash when they were first starting out, and how did they keep it going? How does a business take its product from simply popular to an epidemic? They understood that customer experience isn’t just about pretty displays, it’s about consistently delivering that experience. Here are a few ways that POS software can help you deliver a consistently on-brand, high-quality customer experience.

Consistency is King

One of the biggest factors a customer considers when becoming an avid “Starbuck’s ONLY coffee drinker” or “Apple ONLY tech-head”, is the consistency of the experience. It’s not that they just had one great experience – it’s that they can rely on that experience. Customers might love your personal touch, but they appreciate the reliable efficiency of big companies. The good news is that modern POS software lets you offer both! Intelligent inventory triggers will help ensure that you always have the stock required to deliver on your customers’ expectations. When was the last time Starbucks declined a sale because they ‘ran out’ of vanilla syrup? With inventory bulk pricing, you’ll be able to engage in more sophisticated pricing strategies that reflect a trusted brand. No one wants to come in and see that prices are different each and every week. With this feature you can experiment with pricing in a measured and effective manner.

Stand out from the crowd

There’s nothing more likely to get people talking than unique, out-there products like the Cronut™. The only problem is that these products tend to have high costs, especially since they’re typically made and sold in small batches. That’s where POS software reporting is worth its weight in gold. You’ll always know exactly how much is selling, and whether that headline product is really worth further investment. Sure it might be getting the headlines but is it getting dollar signs?

Information and Communication

The right POS software can help cashiers and servers capture important details such as birthdays, anniversaries, customer purchase behaviors and favorites – all without sacrificing speed of service. If leveraged properly, this info can lead to both a more personalized customer experience and an intelligent up-sell at the counter. POS software will also allow you to do away with paper and send email receipts, with an embedded logo, social media links, and personal messages and/or promotions. Brands are nothing if they aren’t consistently communicated, so this is a great weapon in your marketing arsenal. What’s more, once you’ve hit them with a branded receipt, you can then follow up with thoughtful emails that make them feel special, save them money, or give them helpful hints and tips in the form of content marketing. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a fan of spam, but marketing emails are a hugely powerful tool if used correctly. Email Marketing can also be a big time suck if you’re not set up correctly, which is why you’ll want to find POS software that integrates with MailChimp or another major email marketing provider.

Quickly Bust Through Those Lines

If I stop by my favorite lunch spot during the workday, I need to know that they can be efficient while still making me laugh or smile when I’m there. An intuitive point of sale that can seamlessly sync across multiple registers is a huge asset in busting through lines and maintaining that positive, consistent, on-brand experience. The only thing that’s more likely to turn me off from a business than a long line, is a sulky cashier who’s annoyed at having to work through a long line. Your employees are the single most important outward representation of your brand, so you want POS software that lets them spend more time having fun with customers, and less time staring at a screen.

POS software can help you track inventory, collect customer information, deliver email receipts, and build your marketing database. It can free up your cashiers so that they can spend more time with customers, and it will help you push the right products at the right time to ensure that your customers are having the best possible experience. A great brand may seem intrinsic, but it’s really the result of lots of decisions, and a good point of sale will help you make them more intelligently.

Jennifer Bambara

Jennifer Bambara

Jennifer Bambara is a POS specialist at ShopKeep, the #1-rated iPad Point of Sale system. As an aspiring jewelry designer, she loves working with and learning from the small businesses in her neighborhood. Together they empower one another to achieve greatness.