Be among the first to try new features and provide valuable feedback and insights about our product

Here at ShopKeep, we are regularly coming out with cool new features, updating existing functionality, and squashing the occasional bugs that crop up in our software. Each time these updates are ready for release, you, as a customer of ShopKeep, download a new app update or see something pop up in your BackOffice describing the changes as a fait accompli. However, what you are actually seeing is the culmination of a lot of hard work from the ShopKeep team…and from your fellow customers who are beta testers! Interested in joining the ranks? Simply send an email to, including your store name and why you’d like to join the program. Need to learn more about our Beta Program first? Read on!

What’s this whole beta thing about?

A beta version of a feature or app for ShopKeep is one that is distributed to a select group of testers (who are customers just like you!) in order to test and make sure everything is working as expected in a real-world environment. Beta versions are fully developed and have already gone through significant internal testing before external testers ever get to try them. Beta testers are the first ShopKeep customers to try out exciting new features and provide valuable feedback about how they perform. Beta tests typically last an average of four weeks, which includes time to incorporate feedback and fix any issues as they arise. Our testers are a committed crew, with the majority of them actually keeping a beta version of the app installed for multiple tests, if not the whole year.

What if I don’t know how to be a tester?

Don’t worry! You don’t have to have a serious software background in order to help us make sure that new versions of ShopKeep are stable and easy to use. As a tester, you will be informed in detail about new features and how to use them. While you may not be able to diagnose the details of a crash, you will most certainly be able to notice when something isn’t working the way you were expecting it to. The only thing we ask is for you to let us know when things go wrong! Then, we will work with you to zero in on exactly what’s happening so we can go ahead and make sure it gets fixed quickly. Being a part of this process and digging into the details with us can also be a useful tool for you in realizing the full potential of ShopKeep, even if you’ve been a customer of ours for a while.

How do I apply to be part of the Beta Program?

We are lucky enough to work with a wide variety of wonderfully diverse customers who use ShopKeep in many different ways. So when it comes to testing, we say “The more the merrier!” If you like what you’ve read and would like to become a beta tester, simply send an email to, including your store name and why you’d like to join the program. We look forward to hearing from you!

Richard Berger

Richard Berger

Richard Berger translates his years of experience in the startup & small business world into helpful advice for small business owners. As Director of Product Marketing at ShopKeep, the #1-rated iPad Point of Sale System, Richard has an unmatched understanding of POS system technology, and how it can be used to transform growing businesses.