Keep track of your inventory without leaving the convenient confines of your Register.

We’re excited to announce another improvement to our inventory search capabilities on the ShopKeep iOS Register! This is the third update in a series of recent improvements aimed at improving the efficiency of common tasks experienced by cashiers at the front of the shop on a daily basis.

As a reminder, in our last search update we made it possible to find items by SKU and UPC, allowing you to add the exact item you want to a transaction faster. In the update before that, we focused on the search experience itself, bolding letters as you typed them into the search box, and utilizing the full width of the register screen to display results.

We think you may like this latest improvement most of all. Many customers have told us that they are often looking for a quick and easy way to check how many of an item they have left in stock right from the register. With this latest version, this is now possible!

To use the feature, simply search for any item you sell and click the blue info circle on the right side of its row to see how many you have in stock. For basic items, the total quantity for that one item is displayed, while for items with variants, the total item quantity is shown along with a breakdown by each individual variant. This information is pulled in real time from your BackOffice, so you always know it’s up-to-date with every sale. Don’t track your inventory yet? Here’s another incentive to get started today.

Version 2.34.0 Quantity on Hand

This update is just one more way we’re trying to make your life easier at the register. With more than 200,000 item searches performed by our merchants like you each day, search is one of the most commonly used ShopKeep features and therefore one of the places where we have a chance to make a significant impact in time savings for cashiers and customers alike. Keep an eye out for future improvements here and as we move to improve other parts of the register – we believe each improvement we can make to the process has a significant overall impact on productivity!

As always, make sure you follow our best practices when you update your app and we can’t wait to hear you feedback in the comments section or by emailing

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Hani Shabsigh

As a Product Manager at ShopKeep, the #1 rated Point of Sale system, Hani Shabsigh is focused on Payments & Hardware solutions for the iOS Register and overall Customer Experiences. He has previously launched multiple mobile products and leverages his entrepreneurial experience in user research, agile software development, and product strategy to give merchants and their customers great in-store experiences.