In today’s digital age, where a lack of efficiency can make or break a business, a glorified cash register just doesn’t cut it. Today’s retailers need technology that adds value beyond an initial sale.

Similar to a cash register, a point of sale system (POS) allows you to accept a variety of transaction types, such as money, credit cards, and contactless payments. However, the biggest difference between a cash register and a point of sale system is that a POS improves efficiency and communication in your business.

POS systems can rejuvenate a business by eliminating and automating previously tedious tasks. This frees up users to spend more time training employees or interacting with customers and building relationships.-Justin Guinn, Market Researcher, Software Advice

As Guinn alludes to, the overarching value of a POS system is its ability to free up business owners to focus more on the intangible aspects of the business. Driving this value are the various features and benefits that point of sale systems offer, especially features that customers rave about in POS software reviews.

Some of the primary benefits of choosing a quality point of sale system include:

  • Faster, more efficient transactions at the point of sale
  • Improved inventory management
  • Enhanced customer marketing
  • Access to sales performance insights that lower costs and increase sale




Since we know that time is your most valuable currency, we created this short video featuring Smart Hustle Magazine’s Publisher and small business technology expert Ramon Ray. Watch the video above to learn how to choose a point of sale system that will give you back valuable hours in your day and increase your chances of running a successful small business.

As a bonus, here’s a quick timeline to help you complete the research process during the 90 days leading up to your purchase. Check out the full 90-day plan for choosing a POS system here.

choosing a point of sale system infographic

Yamarie Grullon

Yamarie Grullon has years of experience creating helpful & engaging content for small business owners. As Director of Content Strategy at ShopKeep, a leading iPad Point of Sale System, Yamarie provides merchants with practical advice on all things related to business or point of sale.