ShopKeep POS Co-Founder and COO David Olk was asked to write about cloud computing for the retail industry for The Weekly Consensus.  Below is an excerpt from his article, or read the whole thing here.

Like salesforce did for CRM, the iPad and the cloud are revolutionizing POS.

That is what is happening in the POS space today where incumbents such as ShopKeep POS are replacing the need for mom and pop stores to invest in expensive server-based POS systems.

A recent study by IHL Mobile revealed that retailers will be buying an average of 10 percent fewer traditional POS units in the next four years, choosing mobile, cloud-based checkout systems instead of boxy registers. Given current upgrade cycles and the mandate for more secure payment methods, at least half of the 8 million cash points in the United States will be running on tablets by 2015.

Not only are cloud-based iPad POS solutions cooler looking than the clunky POS systems in the past, but they can also be less expensive, more reliable because it is not dependent on a server, and best of all – with just a few clicks in the app store – easy to update to the latest software.

Read more about how cloud computing is revolutionizing the customer-retailer transaction here.

Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming

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