1. No Capital Required, Not Even for New Phones

With cloud-based phone systems, you can save your precious capital for other strategic initiatives that will help you build your business and get a brand new phone system at the same time. Cloud-based phone systems, like Broadview’s OfficeSuite® Phone, include the cost of brand new LCD phones. And, depending on the provider you select, you can also get unlimited phone service and the latest features included.

2. Unify Locations

Even small businesses have multiple locations and can waste literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars by installing separate phone systems at each site. In contrast, a cloud-based phone system will centralize communications for not only easier management, but also will unify your entire company’s communications. Calling an employee at another location would only require typing in an extension, not having to dial their whole phone number. Additionally, your features will work across multiple locations adding a substantial savings.

3. New Technology and Advanced Features

Speaking of not having to pay for advanced features at multiple locations, how about not paying extra for new features at all? Cloud phone system providers are always adding new functionality that will improve your business and most of them offer free upgrades.

4. Mobility Everywhere

Our world has forever become mobilized and so should your business, no matter what size it is. Cloud-based phone systems will offer you mobility both in and outside of your business. With the right cloud-based system, you can use any phone at any location as your own, have calls ring your cell phone and business phone simultaneously and use advanced mobile apps and features that will improve productivity and collaboration. Extending your business beyond your four walls, will allow you to increase revenue and provide better service to your customers.

5. Avoid Disasters

One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based phone systems is that they provide you with the assurance that disasters will not disrupt your communications with your customers. According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, an estimated 25 percent of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster. With cloud-based systems, your calls are stored securely in the cloud and your entire system can be managed remotely by an online portal so your calls can be re-routed to any number of your choice and you can remain in constant communication with your customers, not matter what is physically happening at your business.

Phones might seem like a simple and small aspect to your small business, but having a cloud-based phone system will make all the difference. Mobility, improved productivity, disaster avoidance and significant cost-savings are all key benefits to having a profitable and thriving business and can all be achieved by simply migrating your phone system to the cloud.

Nicole Yeager

Nicole Yeager

Nicole Yeager is the Marketing Communications Specialist for Broadview Networks , one of the top 10 UC cloud provider in the nation, where she enjoys writing about the latest technology and cloud products that can maximize productivity, improve security, and reduce costs for business owners.