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Red Hook Winery Sign

Hurricane Sandy impacted everyone in NYC including ShopKeep POS.  The aftermath is significant and there is much work still to be done. Along those lines, NY Tech Responds held a Hackathon this weekend to gather the best of the best developers across NYC to collaborate on disaster relief technology solutions. ShopKeep POS was proud to be a part of the event.

We were thoroughly impressed with the projects that were developed and the outstanding collaboration we saw. In particular Q11, a text messaging-based event management and coordination platform for rapid registration and mobilization, was a great example of how technology can really work to improve how we respond to disasters like Sandy.

If you will recall, Sandy ousted us from our offices for two weeks. Employees worked from home or in makeshift office space. We are now back to normal and every single one of our employees finally has power!

We wish we could say the same for everyone in the area, but there are still hundreds with no home to go to or without businesses to open every morning.

For merchants whose businesses were severely damaged, we have given free months of service. We have also received requests from merchants who lost their POS system during the hurricane. Red Hook Winery is one example of this. Sandy left an ocean of water in their basement and ruined their inventory, equipment, and damaged their building severely. They called us because they needed an affordable POS system – and fast. We were happy to help.

As for ShopKeep POS, we are thankful to the many New Yorkers who helped us out. The folks at The Hive at 55 and The Greene Grape let us use their facilities, Internet, and phones during the aftermath for as long as we needed. We are also thankful to our customers who were very patient throughout that time – including one of our very first customers – Picnic Hot Dogs in Kirkland, WA, who detailed what they experienced with us during that time in their App Review here.

It’s truly amazing how New Yorkers can come together in times of need and we are humbled and proud to be a part of it all.

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