We’ve made important changes to our service to help your business during COVID-19.

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now, but our commitment to helping our customers in any way that we can remains the same. The health, safety, and well-being of you and your customers are our top priority. That’s why we’ve done the following:

We’ve made our eCommerce features available to all ShopKeep customers at no additional cost through the end of 2020. In addition, all Classic and Basic customers can upgrade to our Essential or Advanced plans at no extra cost for the next three months to get access to in-store gift cards, QuickBooks integration, email marketing with Mailchimp, and more.

You can now use ShopKeep Payments to take credit and debit card payments in your online store.

We’ve made it easier to upgrade your eCommerce store.

We’ve rolled out our online invoice feature to all ShopKeep customers at no additional cost through July 2020. 

We’ve made several beautiful, eye-catching free social distancing signs for you to download, print, and hang up. 

We’re running special offers on retail checkout screens and NFC-enabled contactless credit card readers, available from our online store

We anticipate rolling out additional updates to our service as things progress, so we recommend bookmarking this page for quick and convenient access.

Accept Payments Online and In-Store With ShopKeep Payments

No need to use a different company for online and in-store payments ShopKeep Payments does it all. Complete our quick setup to start accepting all major credit and debit cards at your online checkout. 

Set Up ShopKeep Payments Online >

Upgrade Your eCommerce Store in BackOffice

We’ve made it easier to add premium features like gift cards, discount codes and more to your online store. Sign in to BackOffice and visit your eCommerce dashboard to upgrade to our Professional or Unlimited plans. 

Upgrade Now

Send Invoices Online

As part of our efforts to help your business take contactless payments during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve added our new invoicing feature to all ShopKeep accounts at no extra cost through July 2020. Once enabled, you’ll be able to send invoices directly to your customers, which they can pay safely and securely online.

Set Up Online Invoices

Staying Open? Protect Your Community With Screens and Contactless Payments

Protect the health of your employees and customers at checkout with a retail Guardiant Screen. Employees can scan items and complete transactions safely from behind the see-through screen, reducing common physical contact. The screens are available at their wholesale prices.

Learn More About Guardiant Screens

Encourage customers to pay with contactless credit cards like Apple Pay whenever possible. Can’t accept contactless payments with your current credit card reader? Order an NFC-enabled Credit Card Reader and take 25% off with code CONTACTLESS.

Go Contactless

Remove or Edit Your Signature Limit for Credit Card Payments

Credit card companies no longer require payment signatures for EMV transactions. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, you can disable your signature requirements or raise their required transaction limit.

Adjust Your Signature Settings

Start Selling Online With ShopKeep

As social distancing becomes more of a requirement than a suggestion, your customers may not be able to visit your store or restaurant like they normally would. You can keep your communities safe and still let them shop by taking your business online with eCommerce and Online Ordering.

For Retailers:
It only takes minutes to set up a fully functioning online store within ShopKeep. Your existing inventory syncs to your website for fast and easy setup. Customize your site’s name, look and feel, as well as payment and shipping options right from BackOffice.

Learn More About Setting Up Your Online Store

For Restaurants:
Turn on Online Ordering in BackOffice to allow customers to place orders for pickup. We’ve also included features like:

Scheduled Pickup: Your customers can choose exactly when they’d like to get their order.
Customized Email Notifications: Make your email notifications match your look and feel.
Staff Notes: Add special notes or instructions to orders that only your staff can see.
Discounts and Gift Cards: Create offers to encourage your customers to keep supporting you.

These are must-have features for restaurants, bars, and cafes in areas with mandated closures.

Learn More About Setting Up Online Ordering 

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