Enjoy Epson printers, receipt-less returns, improved transaction history search, and more!

Version 2.11.0 of the ShopKeep Register App has a series of helpful new features to help you out with printing and with finding transactions both for returns and customer marketing opportunities.

If that intro is enough to get you excited (and why shouldn’t it be?), remember our best practices and click here to download the new version of the app. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about what you’re getting this time around, we’d happy to oblige.

Increased printing possibilities

We’ve got two exciting printing improvements to share with you in this release. The first is that ShopKeep is now fully compatible with Epson’s full line of compact, attractive, and reliable TM printers! So if you’ve been looking to add a new printer (receipt or kitchen!), you can order the TM-m10 directly from our shop for as low as $259. Or if you already have an extra Epson lying around, you can simply plug it in and start printing. We’ve even added Epson troubleshooting info directly into the app.

The second piece of printing news is that you can now toggle off kitchen printers as a per-register setting, which is something that we think restaurant owners and bartenders will be particularly excited about. For example, servers can still send tickets to the bar printer from their register as per usual, but when bartenders ring up a drink on their register, they don’t need to print a ticket since they’re making the drink! They can simply turn the bar printer off from their register to save a print…and their sanity.

No receipts required to find what you’re looking for

Say goodbye to nineteen-digit receipt numbers for credit card returns and simply search for any transaction from any shift using the last four digits of the credit card used to make the purchase! This gives you much more flexibility in the returns process, meaning you can even accept returns with no receipt at all. Although we recommend at minimum checking the customer’s credit card to ensure it matches the transaction details.

In addition to the new credit card search option, you can also now search for transactions by customer email address right on the register. Knowledge is power, so don’t forget the value of saving customer email addresses and use that knowledge of your customers to help them re-purchase their favorite items or to recommend something new that you think they might enjoy.

Get started with 2.11.0 today!

Now that you’ve read all about it, how about you download the app and get started taking advantage of these new features!

Hank Fichtner

Hank Fichtner is a Sr. Product Manager at ShopKeep with a focus on the register app, hardware, and payments. He applies his entrepreneurial background and passion for technology to empowering small businesses to compete with big-box stores.