Enjoy a simplified and streamlined experience every time you create a new item.

Did you know that the Basic Item creation form is one of the most visited screens in ShopKeep’s BackOffice? You probably have significant experience with it yourself, considering it gets viewed more than 150,000 times per day! Now just like with our recent updates to search on the Register, another high usage feature, we decided that updating this form was a great opportunity to help you perform one of your most common tasks with even greater ease and efficiency.

The focus in this case was to better organize the information on the form, making it easier to understand and fill out, not to mention more elegant and aligned with the style of the variant item creation form. Here’s what the new form looks like:

New Basic Item Form

We started by updating the layout to a single-page format featuring clearly delineated sections for each aspect of the item. These sections are easy to understand and include the fields that used to be in the “Additional Details” tab. For Inventory, the “Track Inventory” switch now defaults to your most recent choice, so that if you tracked your last item, we think you’ll want to track your next item. Not true? Simply reverse the switch and the Inventory section will be collapsed.

Next, while we hope most of the fields for your item are relatively intuitive, we know that’s not always the case, so we’ve significantly upped our tooltip game, adding those helpful little green question marks to almost every field.

Finally, we’ve improved the error notifications on each field so that they function in real-time and provide helpful information about how to fix any issues you may encounter while creating your items!

This new version of the form will be rolling out slowly to existing customers over the next couple of weeks (see here for our full support article), so keep an eye out in your BackOffice for the changes. We hope you like them and look forward to continuing to help you use ShopKeep more efficiently and effectively! Let us know any feedback in the comments section or at productfeedback@shopkeep.com.

Ari Janover, ShopKeep Product Manager

Ari Janover

Ari Janover, Product Manager at ShopKeep, is passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses thrive with intuitive, cost-effective, time-saving software.