For decades, electronic cash registers (ECR) were the only game in town for small businesses.

And for a while, they were a suitable way to ring up sales and calculate daily transactions.

But in today’s digital age, where a lack of efficiency can make or break your business, archaic retail technology — the kind that adds little value beyond an initial sale — just doesn’t add up. Like a crutch, electronic cash registers are a short-term solution for small businesses that want to increase transaction volume.

Why POS Trumps ECR

Similar to a point of sale system (POS), an electronic cash register at its most basic level, allows you to register and calculate transactions. The biggest difference however, is that modern POS systems offer flexibility in processing daily transactions. They also improve your chances of success by aiding in the automation of key business processes.

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Cash Register Myths That Are Holding You Back

Small business owners often opt for an ECR because they assume that POS systems are complex, costly, and better suited for larger store chains. While this was true in the past, advances in cloud computing have leveled the playing field for small businesses, giving them access to the same sophisticated technology that big box retailers have been using for years, at a fraction of the price. For small business owners looking to scale their business, an iPad POS system is a superior alternative to the archaic electronic cash register.

Why iPad Cash Registers Make More Dollars and Sense

At the most basic level iPad POS software is an application that allows you to make sales with an iPad. In addition to enabling transactions, most iPad POS software allows merchants to track and manage inventory, employees, and customer information — often in real-time.

Although iPad POS systems often require a moderate investment in hardware and monthly software fees, time saved on day-to-day administrative tasks like inventory management and the insights gained from more robust reporting, often pays for itself tenfold.


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Running a small business comes with its share of day-to-day responsibilities and old-fashioned cash registers barely cover the basics. At the end of the day, ringing up sales is just about all an electronic cash register is capable of. In fact, you could argue that electronic cash registers are a crutch and hinderance for small business growth.

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