When combustion engines were invented and used for automobiles, there was probably a lot of fear about how our country would change. But we now know it was a powerful opportunity for increasing the mobility of people all over the world.

At times in our industrial revolution, there have been big upheavals of change.

The question for small business owners – are these times to be fearful or opportunities to improve, and change and adapt?

EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) is a new standard which gives retailers, restaurants, and all small shops, the perfect opportunity to future- proof their businesses. You must decide – is this an opportunity to upgrade the retail technology in your business? I think it is.

In the first video of the Future-Proofing Your Business series  I grill ShopKeep President and CEO Norm Merritt about all things EMV. Here’s what I found:


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Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, journalist, speaker, event host, and Publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine. A former technology consultant, he frequently blogs about tech on SmallBizTechnology.com.