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With more than 200,000 item searches performed by ShopKeep merchants each day, search is one of the most common and useful things that many of you do on your ShopKeep Register. That’s why, in version 2.18.0, we’ve gone ahead and made a few helpful improvements that will now allow you to find and add your items to transactions faster than ever. This should add up to major time savings that can help keep lines moving and customers happy!

The first improvement is that the letters you type into the search box are now bolded in the results, so that you can more quickly parse the results no matter where the letters show up, meaning you can choose right away between a “baseball cap” or a “Captain America t-shirt”.

Second, the search box is now the full width of the iPad screen, meaning you can see full item names and stop guessing which item with a long name is which! Which leads to the third and final improvement (for now). If you do happen to have a super long item name, its name will now be cut off in the middle, so that you can still see the beginning AND the end of it to make a more informed decision about which item you are adding to a transaction.

As always, make sure you follow our best practices when you update your app and we can’t wait to hear your feedback in the comments section or by emailing

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Hank Fichtner

Hank Fichtner is a Sr. Product Manager at ShopKeep with a focus on the register app, hardware, and payments. He applies his entrepreneurial background and passion for technology to empowering small businesses to compete with big-box stores.