Back in 2017, we realized that small businesses didn’t have access to fast, fair capital. So we created it. Three years later, our customers have used millions of dollars in ShopKeep Capital to grow their businesses.

What is ShopKeep Capital?

Capital is merchant-friendly cash advance with a flat fee that’s exclusively available to businesses that use ShopKeep.

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How Does It Work?

If you’re an existing ShopKeep customer, you can log into ShopKeep BackOffice to see if you’re eligible to apply. There are no credit checks or paperwork, so the application takes seconds to complete. As part of the application, you’ll be able to let us know how exactly much Capital you need. 90% of our applications get accepted and the average size of our advances is $10,000. With our transparent, flat-fee model, you see how much you’ll pay in total before you accept or sign anything. 

One of the best parts of Capital is that you’ll get your funds ASAP. Once you accept, a lump sum hits your bank account as soon as the next day. There are also no repayment schedules, so you pay us only when you get paid. Everyone’s timeline is unique, and our small business owners appreciate the program’s simplicity and flexibility.

For customers that use our in-house payment processing solution, ShopKeep Payments, 11% of your daily credit card sales are automatically transferred back to us to go toward your balance. For customers using other solutions, 11% of your daily credit card sales are transferred from your bank account and are put toward your balance. For a faster and more seamless experience, we strongly recommend switching to ShopKeep Payments if you plan to apply for ShopKeep Capital. 

If you decide to accept ShopKeep Capital, you must use ShopKeep as your sole point of sale for the entire duration of your advance. Switching to another system before your balance is paid off is considered a breach of the agreement.

Who is ShopKeep Capital Best For?

Our customers have used Capital to:

  • Boost their inventory
  • Open new locations
  • Expand their outdoor space
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Pay for store remodeling expenses

80% of small businesses who use ShopKeep Capital end up renewing for additional advances.

How Do I Get Capital For My Business?

ShopKeep Capital is only available to existing ShopKeep POS customers, If you’re considering using ShopKeep for your small business, sign up to learn more about how we can help you get started. For existing customers, you can log in to your BackOffice to see if you qualify or email our team directly at

To continue our mission of making small business funding more accessible, we launched a separate merchant cash advance program in June 2020 called ShopKeep R.I.S.E. See if you qualify and learn more here



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