Speed up your returns with a more intuitive process.

There have been a number of recent improvements to the returns process in the ShopKeep register app, but none is more fundamental than the one you will see in version 2.13.0. This updated process has been designed to make returning items more intuitive, simpler, and faster, but the best way to ensure that it’s a smooth transition is by making sure that you are aware of how it works before you start using it.

Starting in version 2.13.0, when you initiate a return, you will select each item being returned from the relevant transaction, rather than removing each item not being returned. This inversion of the process, made partially thanks to your helpful feedback, should save you time and improve accuracy.

For example, if your customer purchased a pair of boots, a hat, gloves, and a jacket and would like to return the jacket, you will now simply select the jacket and add it to your return. That’s it!

In prior versions of ShopKeep, you would have had to remove the boots, hat, and gloves from the return, adding many unnecessary steps. If you’re worried that this sounds confusing, don’t worry. There will be an instructive banner to guide you through the new process when you are making a return.

In addition to adjusting the manner of adding items to a return, we are also making it so that the big red button on the screen will match the original tender type (e.g. cash or credit) on each return. This makes it clear right away how the customer paid for the original transaction and should help lower the number of returns to the wrong tender type.

As a reminder, these significant changes cap off a series of iterative improvements to the returns process that began with the combination of the Returns and Reprint Receipt views into a new combined History / Returns view. After that, we added the ability to look up receipts by the last 4 digits of the credit card used, which offered you the option to validate returns without requiring a receipt. Finally, we added the ability to search by customer name and allowed you to reprint receipts from any shift!

Overall, we’ve made these changes to both simplify the returns process for you and give you access to more information right at the register. We’d love for you to update your app and hear your feedback in the comments section or by emailing productteamfeedback@shopkeep.com. Thanks!

Hank Fichtner

Hank Fichtner is a Sr. Product Manager at ShopKeep with a focus on the register app, hardware, and payments. He applies his entrepreneurial background and passion for technology to empowering small businesses to compete with big-box stores.