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FAB Café, also dubbed as the Fourth Arts Block Visitors Center, opened in December 2010 and began using ShopKeep in March 2011.  The coffee shop opens a whole new aspect of community to the cultural district.  As a perfect location to meet friends, have a meeting, or just run in and grab a coffee before continuing your long day, FAB Café is a pleasant stop along the way.

Located on East 4th street, New York, NY, FAB Café is small, yet cozy and the iPad version of ShopKeep is perfect for their business.  Avoiding a clutter of baked goods, cups and a cash register, ShopKeep allows for more space and better technology- two in one.  Because we are located in New York as well, we payed FAB Café a little visit to ask them a couple questions about ShopKeep.  Watch the video below!


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