Search for specific items faster and more easily by using SKU or UPC!

At the end of last year we made improvements to our register search to make it easier for you to find the right item – but we didn’t stop there! We continued listening to your feedback and now we’re back with another update. In register version 2.27.0, we’ve added a new improvement that lets you easily add the exact items you want to a transaction faster.

As a reminder, in the last search update, we focused on making it easier to find items when you know the name of the item you’re searching for. We updated search results to bold the letters you typed into the search box, we changed the way search results were displayed by utilizing the full width of the register screen, and we updated the way long item names are displayed so that you can still see the beginning AND the end of the name.

Even with those improvements, we knew that a wide variety of businesses using ShopKeep had large lists of inventory items that had many similar or confusing names that are difficult to remember or search for quickly. That’s why we decided to add the ability for you to search for items by SKU or UPC.

To use this feature, simply start typing the SKU or UPC you’re looking for into the search box in the top right corner that you know and love – and your results will show up below. The results will now show the SKU and/or UPC below the item name and items with variants will show the variant options at the end of the name separated by commas. To make it even faster to add the exact item you want, if you tap a result that is a variant, the item will be added to the transaction with the variant options selected for you automatically!

This update is just one more way we’re trying to make your life easier at the register. With more than 200,000 item searches performed by our merchants like you each day, search is one of the most commonly used ShopKeep features, and each improvement we can make to the process has a significant overall impact on productivity.

As always, make sure you follow our best practices when you update your app and we can’t wait to hear your feedback in the comments section or by emailing

Hani Shabsigh

As a Product Manager at ShopKeep, the #1 rated Point of Sale system, Hani Shabsigh is focused on Payments & Hardware solutions for the iOS Register and overall Customer Experiences. He has previously launched multiple mobile products and leverages his entrepreneurial experience in user research, agile software development, and product strategy to give merchants and their customers great in-store experiences.