The restaurant business is notorious for high turn-over. You know that hiring the best employees directly contributes to the success and growth of your business, so how do you find the people that will stay past brunch? There are few things that can help you weed through resumes and end up with a great fit.

Define the Job.

Before you even begin the hiring process you need to know exactly what you are hiring for. If you want a lead server that can work Saturday and Sunday brunch, you need to make sure that your candidates are available for that role and the schedule.

Create a Checklist

Take the definition of the job and create a prioritized checklist of what you need. As you are looking at resumes and applications ask yourself if their employment history translates into what you need them to do. If you can’t check-off your top five needs, move on to other candidates.

Clear the Picture

Resumes are designed to put a good foot forward. Call previous employers and references to get a good picture of the candidate. Ask them about the skills you have on your checklist and make note of their honest answers.

Determine Fit

During the first interview take the time to get to know them so you have a better chance of determining if they fit your culture, scope and mission. If they fit, they’ll be happier and they will want to stay longer, increasing retention.

Discover Drive and Motivation

Find out if your potential employee has the drive and motivation that fits your business, benefits and compensation. You also need to discover if your potential employee is over-motivated or over-qualified for what you can offer them.

Talk About the Job Honestly

If you have gotten this far, you probably think your candidate is a good fit, but they need to determine if you are a good fit as well. Talk honestly. Long-term happiness is about both you and your potential new employee knowing what they are getting in to.

Sleep on It

A great interview sometimes makes you want to hire on the spot, especially if you have been looking for a while, but, like a budding relationship, a little time apart will give you some perspective. Settle down and look objectively at what is before you.

Trust your Hunch

Joyce Brothers said, “Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.” Some employees are going to look good on paper, but some you will just know are a good fit. Trust your hunch.

Paul Nugent

Paul Nugent

Paul Nugent is a small business advocate who uses his background in the startup space, along with his POS system expertise, to allow small business owners to make informed decisions within their specific budgets.