Your store’s counter is a direct reflection of the personality of your business. Show your flair with the elegant new WindFall POS Stand for iPad by the experts at Heckler Design. The stand is beautifully sleek and secure, complementing your iPad and your ShopKeep POS app. It is laser-cut from one thick piece of steel and finished with your choice of Graphite, Bright Red, or Sky White powder coat paint.

WindFall is the perfect way to keep your iPad cash register secured on a sturdy surface, while giving you the flexibility to swivel it around toward your customer to capture signatures. Pair the stand with a Kensington ClickSafe Lock for additional security.

Its symmetrical design lets you attach your MagTek iDynamo credit card reader to either side depending on how your counter is structured (or your employees’ handedness). Plus, with three color options, WindFall provides a level of customization that any merchant will appreciate.

Check out WindFall here, available for $119, and as always, you can call one of our friendly customer service reps at 800-820-9814 for assistance with all your hardware needs.

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Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming is an email marketing expert, fluent in all email marketing initiatives including strategy, development, analysis, and execution. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with growing retailers and the merchant community.