We’ve all experienced that high maintenance customer who orders the cheeseburger meal with fries, but needs to substitute American cheese for avocado and switch the fries for a salad and demands to hold the red onions and pickles but wants extra tomatoes.

In the past, your server would frantically take notes to keep up with the order, but then might have been at a complete loss in determining what to charge the customer.

ShopKeep POS just made your server’s job a lot simpler and your pricing a lot more transparent with our newly launched modifiers feature.

Whether it be adding cheese or holding the onions, the new modifiers feature allows you to customize orders right on your iPad register. Plus each of those add ons can have different prices pre-programmed into the register – so if you always want to charge extra for those avocados you can do so. You also get access to a modifiers report in the BackOffice so you can see how much revenue is coming from modifiers and which ones are the best sellers. Best of all, the modified order prints directly to your remote kitchen printer which saves your server time and a lot stress. ShopKeep POS is the simplest way to make smarter business decisions.

Want to learn more about modifiers? See them in action here.

To start using modifiers, be sure to close your shift on your iPad and download the latest version of the ShopKeep POS app from the App Store.

Use these tips to perfect your menu:

Single Options vs. Multiple Choices – With single options, you must choose one option. A few great examples are: “To Go” or “To Stay,” dressings or milk choices. In each of these cases, there has to be a choice made, even if it is the “no dressing” or “no milk” option.

On the other hand, multiple choices might be used for something like burger toppings where you can select no add-ons or all the topping add-ons. Price will automatically be adjusted to match the selection – creating the clearest complicated order ever.

Navigating Default Options – Certain items have many ingredients, so rather than having to add them for each order, you can set the default to logically include all of these ingredients and only have to touch the screen once to remove any of the unwanted items. Just imagine a Chicken Cobb salad, where someone does not want tomatoes and another customer does not like avocado.

The Simplest Way to Smarter Pricing – Now it’s easier than ever to ring up custom food orders. Each item can lead to many different combinations, so imagine instead of having a button for every type of cheeseburger, you now only need one button with the right modifiers to get you the right prices for any custom order. Product add-ons are a big part of your profit and accurate reporting is key to smarter business decisions.

Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming

Hadley Deming is an email marketing expert, fluent in all email marketing initiatives including strategy, development, analysis, and execution. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with growing retailers and the merchant community.